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Car crash.



I got into a car accident today.

It's weird the way these things work out. I had just gotten out of class (RST244: Great Religions of the East) and since I'm a bit of a gym rat, I was going to go work out for a while to unwind. But, for some reason, I decided that I'd do my homework first. This is weird, because I never do my homework first, being the self-proclaimed Mayor of Procrastinationville. I take about an hour to do the homework, then get my stuff together and drive off in the direction of the gym.

I'm going through an intersection when this huge tank of a van (a corporate vehicle for a local catering company) runs a red light and nails my rear passenger-side door. I spin out into the middle of the street - at least one and a half times around, because I ended up facing the way I came. The back window shattered, throwing a bunch of glass up into the front seat with me. I was shocked that no one else got hit, considering the wild, twisting path that I was propelled into taking.

Anyway, the woman driving the van was really cool about it - she admitted it was completely her fault, and told the police the same thing. Apparently, she was trying to stop, but her foot slipped off the brake and she just barrelled through.

Insurance is going to cover all of it, and nobody got hurt, but DAMN did I get rammed. Of course, like a good blogger, I got pictures:



The part that really sucks is that my two all-time favorite CDs were in the CD player at the time, and because of the damage caused by the jolt, they're stuck in there for good. I've got them backed up as .MP3s, and that band gives their songs away for free anyway, and the CDs themselves are only five bucks each, but still...I bought those when I went to see them live. I drove hours to get to that show. It was the best one I've ever seen, and it was actually what inspired me to write Laika. I'm gonna miss those.

Anyway, I wasn't hurt, she wasn't hurt, so I'm not upset. The insurance guys are being really awesome about it, too. Going to take the car in tomorrow (well...have it towed in, actually - the body of the car is mashed up against the tire, so it won't spin), and walk to work for the next few days. But I've got a coat, so everything's cool.

The weird thing is, if I had decided to go to the gym right away instead of stopping to do homework first, this wouldn't have happened. This is, possibly, the one day in my entire life that I decided not to procrastinate, and look what happened.

There you go, guys. The moral of the story is: Put things off until the last minute, or the Giant Catering Van of Death will descend from the sky like a Mothra Faulkner and smash the hell out of your car.

"Next time I'll try for the first time in my life.

It won't pass me by. Procrastinate! It can wait!

I put it off. Let's start today!"

-"Start Today" by Gorilla Biscuits

...y'know, I think that's the third time I've used Gorilla Biscuits lyrics at the end of one of these posts. That puts them in the lead.


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I'm glad you're okay, as are all the others involved. It's also too bad about the music. Maybe they can be extracted by a specialist, paid for by the insurance company? I'm not ready to accept your idea that not procrastinating is what cause this to happen though. I think the fact that you procrastinated about going to the gym, something I procrastinate about all the time, is what caused this. If you hadn't procrastinated, you'd have been fine. :)

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I think the fact that you procrastinated about going to the gym, something I procrastinate about all the time, is what caused this. If you hadn't procrastinated, you'd have been fine. :)
Nah, it doesn't count as procrastination if it's something you want to do. I enjoy going to the gym, and was actually looking forward to it...it was the homework that I didn't wanted to put off.
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First, I'm glad you're okay. Really I am :) That accident looked bad from the pictures so I'm glad you're okay even if your car isn't.As for the CDs, I bet your dealer can rescue 'em if you really want. I've had stuck CDs before and they've always been rescued.

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I'm glad you're okay and no one was hurt. It's been almost three years since my last accident but I still remember how shaken I was afterwards.

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I feel really sorry for the catering lady. That accident gives her a poor driving record, so she might be arranging party trays for a while. And what kind of settlement are you looking at?

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