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Our New Cat...The Continuing Saga



Following my blog post of 10th March 2014

Sweet, yeah, right.

I've never seen such aggression in a household cat.

I can only think that he was taken from his mother too soon. (I had a boyfriend that was taken from his mother too soon, when I was 18, but his problem was that he didn't know that my boyfriends don't entertain the local harlots (female) in the woodshed.)

Psycho the cat continued on his journey of training for the remake of the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name, slashing at our ankles. He even rushed into the shower with fangs and claws striking out at our ankles and lower extremities. He was well named.

Then he stopped eating. I consulted the vet, again. This time we were well prepared and the vet decided to wear leather gloves and wrapped Psycho in a heavy blanket...a feat in itself.

After an examination the vet said that he must start drinking some water or he wouldn't survive the weekend. He just snarled and hissed and tried to bite us. She told the cat that he was very lucky as most people wouldn't put up with his tantrums.

I was horrified at her suggestion that we would abandon him or worse, have him put down. I didn't even try to put down the old boyfriend when he was running rampant in the woodshed. After disappearing for the weekend and leaving us very distraught and worried he (the cat, not the old boyfriend) suddenly reappeared on Monday looking very healthy and smoothed against our legs.

Anyway, the vet said we should try a product called Feliway which released cat pheromones into the room and might serve to calm him down. Three months later and I'm happy to report that Feliway worked, to a degree. He now sleeps on the bed with us. He begrudgingly will let us give him a cuddle, but in the middle of his very loud purring he will still snap at us and then go back to purring. We finally worked out that his snapping at our ankles is his way to let us know that he wants to be fed.

We bought him a tree house which he loved until winter arrived and he discovered that the bed was a better choice for keeping warm; a fact that my de facto and I had previously discovered some years ago.

We've stopped using the Feliway and so far so good. Feliway isn't a complete cure but we think it has helped.

If I knew where that old boyfriend lived I'd send him a bottle.


Psycho the cat, contemplating his next attack.


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I was aware you were in difficulty but not the nature of it. I'm SO SO glad to hear you've bent your impressive intellect to the task of resolution and achieved it so magnificently. I hope things continue to get better and better for you my dear friend.

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Ha Ha... you could have skipped that whole ankle scratching/biting saga by just feeding your cat! You , have to feed and water them and clean their litter box daily if they don't do it outside, you know.

What a shame Psycho didn't come with a Users Manual. LOL

My big Maine Coon, Tinker, comes over to my computer desk whenever he wants a treat or a brushing. He touches me gently on the shin with his paw the first couple times but if ignored.. slowly lets out his claws. Needless to say.. I don't ignore him often.

Once you realized that Psycho was just training you.. you seem to be getting on well.



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Training us, yeah, right, obviously he is the master sergeant for the SFFFD (Special Forces - Feline Feeding Division).

We're just going to have to learn our place in obeying his every need, which being psychotic, changes every 5 minutes.

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