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Finally A bit of Good News

Jason Rimbaud


For the last few months, I have been undergoing some disturbing eye problems. This condition has virtually stopped me from writing, for a time it stopped me even from driving, working, and such normal activities I had taken for granted for years. Let's not even mention the toll it took on my porn watching habits. For three weeks I sat in front of the television and guessed what I was watching/hearing by putting together the sounds I heard. The screen a blur I could not make out.

For a while, it was unknown if I would ever regain my ability to see, even with glasses, contacts, ect ect. To say I have been more than a bit depressed wouldn't do justice to the feelings raging inside my small mind.

For most of the month of January, I was locked inside my house, the blinds shut, the windows blacked out with tin foil to stop the light from coming in. Not because I hate the sun, but my eyes were so light sensitive the merest light caused intense headaches and nausea. For weeks, I could barely open my eyes much less see anything. As a writer, I thought my life was over. Dark thoughts jumbled around my head, I questioned if I wanted to live without sight. I don't know what I would do if not for "Susan". But that really isn't the reason for this post.

The blurred vision is all but gone, the constant draining and nasty fluids no longer leak from my eyes, and though my eye glass perscripton has grown in strength, I am now classified as legally blind without corrective lenses of some kind, at least I can see clearly with glasses. Unfortantly due to the nature of my eye problems, I can no longer wear contacts. And let me tell you, my eye glasses, even with all the new technology offering thinner lenses, my glasses are still like coke bottles. I think they make me look ugly but on the bright side, I can at least see.

Even now, i can only stand staring at the computer screen for about an hour before the light from the screen causes intense headaches. At least I can resume writing again. If only for a small amount of time. Watching TV in thirty minute clips is a bit strange, but it gives me something to do, as reading is out of the question for now.

The doctors say I'm on the upswing and its only a matter of time before the damage done to my eyes is healed. They predict, if I follow their guidlines and suggestions, that I'll be back to "normal" sometime around summer. Though normal is now skewed, since I've done permenant damage to the cornea of my eyes.

To all you contact wearers, be careful about wearing your contacts too long, sleeping with them in, and waiting too long to get new lenses, a leasson I'm learning very well at this point.

I've got to get going, my eyes are starting to bother me and its time to rest them. which is basically me sitting with my eyes closed, remaining still and calm.

Special thanks go out to my support system: Absolute Ruby Red Vodka, French wine, Vicadin, Valium, Pot, Molson Candian Lager, Daniel, Susan, and of course, my cock. Thank you all for keeping me somewhat sane the last few months.


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1. Glad you're recovering that must be a relief.2. Might I strongly suggest an LCD screen using a mid-range resolution. Though more money, they but less strain on your eyes than CRT due to reduced flickering and such.

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Jason, sorry to hear about your eye problems. We take our eyes so much for granted, and having thought about it - albeit briefly - I'd be absolutely devastated if I couldn't see. Frightening stuff.Anyway, glad you're on the mend. Wibby's right. Try an LCD if you can.Cheers,Camy

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Ach Jason, I'm sorry about your eyes. Sadly, it seems rather timely a message, as for the last week I've been suffering from huge gobs of green and yellow discharge from my eyes, to the point that I have to clean the edges every 15 minutes in order to read. In the morning it's been taking me 15 minutes or more to chip the crust off my lids. I had this once before and the doctor gave me a prescription that he never told me has a 10% chance of giving you glaucoma. Needless to say, I seem to be in the lucky 10% and next week have to go for some kind of laser shit to relieve the pressure. He'll probably miss and blind me completely. :cry: I hope you continue to improve, and if not, have another Canadian. :icon13: Ah hell, have one regardless. :inquisitive:

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Wibby, Since I have a laptop I don't think I could get the screen you suggested, though I might look into buying a PCnow that my eyes go screwy. Thanks for the suggestion and the good wishes. :icon13: Camy, The prospect of losing my sight was one I had never entertained before. Talk about re-thinking my entire outlook. *shudders* Anyway, I'm doing much better, thanks for the good wishes. :cry: Trab, I hope everything goes well for you, I really understand what you must be going through. I will have a Canadian, one for me and one for you. Heres hoping everything goes well. :inquisitive: Thanks again,Jason R.

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