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  2. I'm running Firefox 82 on Ubuntu, and I've started having problems with the emoticons - not that important, but annoying.
  3. It seems to make more sense than the actual debate. 😉
  4. Aha.... Michael Province as Gianni in Joe's The Admiralty Strad. 😁
  5. Also under GDPR data can only be held so long as it can be shown that holding the data is necessary for the purpose for which consent was given. I know that with the data that is collected with respect to the students on the courses I mentor, the majority of data is deleted one year and one day after the posting of the final grades. After that all that is held is their contact details and module result. This of course has to be kept in case there is a query about the students qualifications.
  6. Interesting article on sci-fi predicted disasters... now read on. Algorithms rule the world. You can't process all the data collected without them. Problem is, not even the engineers who write these algorithms know exactly how they work. First of all, there’s virtually no regulation of data-collection in the United States, meaning companies can create detailed profiles of individuals based on huge troves of personal data—without those individuals knowing what’s being collected or how that information is being used. In Europe it's a bit better and you have to consent, plus you h
  7. Here is an interesting article by Cory Doctorow: The Dangers of Cynical Sci-Fi Disaster Stories
  8. A gold star! Thanks, Lugnutz! That's another month free of the 'sluicing down the green room' chore.
  9. This is an interesting variation on an old Beatles song:
  10. You both get a gold 🌟 Thanks a bunch!
  11. Here's a very clever clip featuring Kevin Chung and Albert Chang playing the theme from BBC's Sherlock, the last episode I watched just last night on Netflix. Certainly not K-Pop Are they still performing? Elementary, my dear Watson!
  12. Blimey! There's someone I haven't heard of in an age. The Zot was/is a great storyteller. 'Firegrass' and it's characters further adventures are well worth a read.
  13. Sounds like Yankee by The Zot. https://gayauthors.org/story/thezot/yankee/
  14. This type of monitoring has been around for years, though I suspect the move to remote learning as a result of the Covid 19 situation has accelerated its use. However, back in 1978 I was called in by my tutor who was concerned that I had not checked out a book from the library which was essential for the module I was doing. He was right I had not checked it out as I had my own copy, a fact that surprised him as the book was very expensive. More recently, when doing a course with the Open University I had an email from my tutor who noted that I had not downloaded software that was essenti
  15. If a school has, what, say 20,000 students, how in the world could they monitor hours and hours of recorded intrusions of that many students? That many students is common in U.S. unis and colleges. I might hazard a guess they save the info and then use it in cases they want to discipline a student or expel him. Seems like a violation of our 5th amendment, protection against self-incrimination.
  16. I could name seven of the pieces. 7/15 isn't all that great! Had they stuck to classical music, I'd have done better. The two guys were wonderful. Very enjoyable clip. C
  17. Thanks Mike. Makes you wonder where they are now. Have they pursued music as a career?
  18. It was on Nifty and and a couple of other places but I can't find it because I forgot who wrote it. Gay Authors rings a bell. He had asperger's syndrome, he studied in Japan for a few months but was American. Carolinas is where I think he ended up. He practiced heavily with karate. The person he was with was big into art, making it mainly. Junior or senior in highschool. Help a brother out.
  19. Not sure of the location but it was filmed November 2012. Here is more info: This is our little medley of songs representative of the different time periods music has traversed through. We know this may not be the most historically accurate, but we mainly chose songs that would transfer well to solo violin and cello, taking inspiration from groups such as String Fever and Igudesman and Joo. We also performed this same medley at AJ Rafael's Music Speaks 2012 as the winner of his audition contest. Hope you guys enjoy our video/music, and special brownie points to anyone who can name all th
  20. Thats great fun. Do you know anything about who the boys are or where the setting is?
  21. I couldn’t find font smoothing on my version of safari. I did manage to find an option called smart invert colours under ipad general settings>accessibility . The near-black on black becomes grey on light-gray which is readable. Of course all other apps are converted which can give some strange looking results. The setting also slows things down as each pages is loaded then then converted. I won't be keeping the setting as my default, only use it when I think there is something hiding.
  22. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/university-covid-learning-student-monitoring? Holy hell! This 'Big Brother' thing is getting out of control.
  23. I'm using Firefox and it seems to be okay. The font at the top is a slight shade darker than bars between the replies and still easily seen for me.
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