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  2. Thanks, guys. I usually try for delightful and charming. It's a good target to shoot for. Easy to miss. C
  3. Rutabaga

    Scurvy Dog

    Just reread it also, and it was as charming as I remembered. R
  4. Last week
  5. Really happy to see this story reappear, and sad that Chris James is no longer here to receive our plaudits. I stand by my original comments about what a good novel this would be the seed for. R
  6. I remember reading this some time ago. It is nice to read it once more. I am so glad it is in this month's pick of the past. Chris was a great story teller, whose talent is missed.
  7. Merkin

    Scurvy Dog

    SO GLAD to see this fine tale revived for us in this month's "Picks from the Past." One never tires of rereading a story by Cole Parker, and this one is very special. http://www.awesomedude.com/cole-parker/scurvy-dog/scurvy-dog.htm
  8. Sometimes email does not work. Someone sends you an email, you don't get it, maybe it goes in your SPAM you never look there. So cruising the net I saw someone got no reply to their emails, I flagged it. If you never went to the GA site, all the emails were going to SPAM or you just forgot to answer, you would never know if someone doesn't tell you. That's the point of the thread. It does raise other issues, but those are as you say not my business in every sense.
  9. Alan Dwight


    What a wonderful story. Beautifully thought out and written. It shows how boys at their best can change the world. A must read!
  10. Earlier
  11. I am a bit mystified. Surely whether, when, or how Mike responds to inquiries from John Lloyd is his business?
  12. Yes, Mike is posting my story, but I have no idea how the site operates. Is it one person or a team? Really I don't know his situation and saying everything is okay when millions of people in America are getting sick... well I would feel terrible if I said everything was okay without being certain. Which is why I started this thread so he could read and respond.
  13. Why the author was not getting replies shouldn't have prevented you from responding to his post. You obviously knew Mike was OK -- not least because he's currently posting a story of yours. You could have simply responded that you knew Mike was alive and well. That would not add to speculation.
  14. The man might be busy, you know. An easy conjecture as to why he hasn't responded here is simply that he hasn't had time to read through the forum messages recently. C
  15. Rather than say anything publicly, I did send a PM to the person in question, saying that the AD site appeared to be functioning normally and there was no indication of the owner being ill. Interestingly (perhaps) I have had no response to that message.
  16. Adam ~ Chapter 3 of a Novel by Colin Kelly. Rick hears his neighbor’s cat on his front porch. But that's not what he finds when he looks outside. From our archive: Stories that we think you'll enjoy reading again — or for the first time. The Rainy Day ~ A Short Story by Graeme. Some kids live in a strange environment — and then they find that they have to support their family, too. Click here to read the hundreds of serial novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poems on the Codey's World site.
  17. No, I didn't respond to the post on GA because I do not know why the author is not getting replies to his emails. I would be adding to the speculation. Besides, it looked to me like the author was pissed at being ignored. I posted a copy of the thread here so that it gets sorted between author and site owner. Rectify the speculation, sort out the problem, and check the author's / site owner's email addresses are working.
  18. Did you respond to the post to prevent further speculation? If not, why not?
  19. I was on the Gay Authors forum and read a question from a new author there. The author John Lloyd seems to have been an AwesomeDude regular contributor. I see you here on the forum so I was wondering how come this guy didn't get any reply to his emails? Now everyone reading this will think you have been struck down with the virus. I hope that is not the case. I have published over 15 novels, novellas and short stories on awesomedude.com. I am no longer receiving response to my emails from the site owner so I presume the owner has been negatively affected by COVID 19.
  20. dude


    I love it! 🐱
  21. IT came from outer space. Dark. Menacing. Would Earth and all of it's peoples be destroyed? Enslaved? Assimilated? What form would the threatened doom actually take? Fortunately, King Justin 3 of Great Repute, King of Ellendale and the Elven Domains Beyond the Stars, and his lover and champion, Colin Earl Martial of the Realm: stand before Earth and the THING that threatens from afar. Together they will form and lead the Royal Space Corps into the fray. Will Artificial Intelligence win the day? Will civilization be ground into enslavement. Or worse? Come find out in the Royal Space Corps, coming soon to Awesome Dude. Our favorite channel.
  22. Cole Parker


    I'm not sure how to insert spoilers here like the rest of you guys do. So, I'll write this in black and anyone not wanting to read a spoiler can just skip this. I sort of thought something might be screwy with Barnaby when we were given much about him. In my mind, I made him a talking cat. Camy's imagination, as usual, was much better than mine. This is another fine creation by the master! C
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