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  2. What's even more amusing than that is that the UN doesn't recognize the separate countries in the UK while the citizenry does! It's sort of like Iowa deciding it was it's own country and asking for UN recognition. C
  3. Just to add to the confusion: Camy’s map shows ‘The British Isles’ (except Shetland that has fallen off the top) ’Great Britain’ is England, Scotland and Wales. The full title of the ‘United Kingdom’ : ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ says it as it is. (Although ‘Disunited Kingdom’ is possibly more appropriate.) The red blob in the middle of the Irish Sea is not part of England but is the self governing British Crown dependency : the Isle of Man. It used to have a ‘common purse’ agreement with the UK for VAT and Excise Duties. I’m not sure of the post-Brexit arrangements. The dark green bit is the independent Republic of Ireland (Eire). FWIW England accounts for roughly 84% of the UK population on just over half of the total land area. Further details here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countries_of_the_United_Kingdom_by_population I will be interested to see how much the population has moved post-Brexit when our 2021 UK census results are published next year.
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  5. All four countries have their own parliaments, but they have limited power and are really run from London. The UK (United Kingdom / Great Britain) left the EU last year in what was termed Brexit. However, Ireland is still part of the EU, and Brexit means border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is upsetting the delicate balance achieved in the peace talks (which stopped the sectarian fighting - Catholics killing Protestants and visa versa). Leaving the largest trading block on the planet was plainly stupid, but that's politics for you...
  6. So you’re going to leave us Yanks to try to figure out the difference between England and Great Britain? R
  7. I'm somewhat sorry I mentioned the pool. 😬
  8. Here's a little better perspective on the actual size of the pool.
  9. Looks to me like that pool could negotiated in about 15 strokes. Trip's dad wants him to be a great swimmer, and it's the one sporting activity that Trip has taken to. Might as well train in a competition pool where he can stretch himself. Besides, think of the effect on visitors who walk out and see a full-sized pool!
  10. That really is a big pool for a private home. My local YMCA has a 25 meter pool and it seems plenty big to me. R PS: Queen Latifah's NJ house:
  11. OK, its a big pool. So where is the pool boy? Eh? Eh?
  12. Not niggles, just misunderstandings. You just missed the bit where I said his folks have lots of money, good jogs, and wanted a house in which to entertain and make an impression. Sure, it's a huge pool. But in the acreage they have, it fits. C
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  14. Sadly, the UK is four countries. And, after Brexit (which our poxy, rotten, Prime Minister stuffed up), Scotland now wants complete independence... not that it's going to get it. I don't mean to rain on the parade, but a 50 meter pool in the back garden... really? That's 160ish feet. HUGE! And 660.000 gallons of water. I wouldn't fancy paying to heat it. Other than those wee niggles, I is lurvin' it.
  15. Now on sale at Amazon.com for $0.99, and Amazon.co.uk for £0.99.
  16. Glad you like 'em! I worry about being the last emu loitering, too.
  17. Camy


    I think he's really busy with work... I hope so, anyway. Best to ask Herr Parker, or El Dude; they'll know.
  18. Finished “The Case of the Headless Jesuit” by George Bellairs, another Inspector Littlejohn story. This one was really good, complete with a haunted mansion and hidden treasure. R
  19. Paul


    Any word of or from Colin recently?
  20. How did I miss these? They're great! Not sure about No.3, I worry about Emus being hunted to extinction...
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  22. Peeking out above the waistband? Is that poetic hyperbole?
  23. Yup. Great story, perfect ending.
  24. As Sean Connery might have said: “Underpantsh should be Shilk, and not Shatin.”
  25. New Undies I do like wearing new ones - I like to feel them on. I like the way they hold me So snugly round my dong. I choose the softest fabric, So gentle on my skin. They’re cut to cup my tackle And hold them safely in. I wear them out in public The people unaware: If they knew how I’m feeling Well, they’d all just stop and stare. In private I can risk it, I strip down, in the nude, And walk around protruberant, Lascivious, and lewd. I wriggle into them again My stiffy ridge is clear. It peeps above the waistband, Just like ‘Kilroy woz ‘ere.’
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