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  1. thanks y'all. not too bad for my first ever effort at writing, eh?
  2. hey, i'm an author too 8) points to the little webby deal at the bottom of this post
  3. Lugnutz


    i didn't do a no-no. i'm a good boy, ask anyone. :p besides, blue is a pussykat........
  4. see subject.... some of y'all know me as Jeff, from deweys and drakes place's. lemme have it.
  5. Lugnutz


    lets see, my first post here............. i was recently fired from my job, i got a bullshit excuse, and that was good enough for them. i was told thru the grapevine a few days later, my orientation was the clincher. do i care? nope. i'm glad to be out of there, the timing just sucks. i was out to most of the people at work then, it was a non-issue with them, or so i was told. i'm out to my family, again, it's a non issue even before we talked about it. have i experianced any bashing or anything? nope. i'm kinda out of the closet, but looking at me, you couldn't tell. a few people here kno
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