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  1. He seems to know D'artagon going by his story. I'm in process of reading it for the first time.
  2. I heard about an incident with the garage door. His stuff should be required reading.
  3. I've read this several times and knew that it was real. There was a link where you could get it on a PDF. I got that one. Jamie went thru hell but he shone in the end.
  4. First of several chapters hopefully.
  5. This is a reminder that things are not good all over.
  6. An update for you from where I'm at currently. My landlords are God-like and can do no wrong according to me. I got a care package from them today and the whole family was here to celebrate. I'm leaving everything wrapped until Christmas because it would be a crime to open them sooner. I'm very patient and can wait. And I'm going nowhere and am here for life. This is the most secure I've been in a long time. It feels good. I'm rooted and comfortable. Help is only a phone call away. Finances are tight but things work out. I get limited help which I'm eternally grateful for. I wo
  7. What to mention this time? It always comes down to money or the lack of same. The state decided to cut it's funding to help me. This means that I'll have zero income as of January 2017 even if I got only $200.00 per month before, it helped cover bills. This came to be because I am no longer with MRS (Michigan Rehabilitation Services) and they decided to stop my help there. This is what happens when you're honest. I got it to see if there was anything I could do reliably and ended up failing miserably in the end. I checked out several driving jobs this side of the state but never go
  8. Good read thus far. It reminds me a bit of your 'When he was five' story.
  9. Is it about masturbation?
  10. I got my stories mixed up. I was thinking Rick Beck who did just complete one.
  11. Done as in 'The End' is there.
  12. Very good and polished. I let them know this thread existed. I've been avoiding Nifty, but you can find treasures if you have help. I did write them.
  13. I liked all of the stories. Some were funny and some were 'Hold on to your seat'. Nice mix.
  14. My job at 15 was washing dishes at a restaurant. Ah, the antics we got up to when the boss was gone.
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