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  1. There is a reason I don't advertise the donors address like I've seen on others pages. Most want to do this anonymously and never told me any different, only I know. To those who have helped me for a year now, I couldn't have done it without you. Problem is, disability is taking their sweet time and the state doesn't help much. That's when I turn to my friends. Problem is, some of them are not in a much better position than my situation. There are a couple that continue to help. I owe you my literal living to you. I can sometimes squeak by with that. It's only for bills and rent. Rent has b
  2. Indeed. You whetted our appetites now we want more.
  3. I got Willa Cather. I was hoping it was like Tolkien since I patterned it from his story.
  4. Seen it. Be who you are.
  5. I found it easier to read compared to Welsh in my opinion. Great story.
  6. I've seen a few that died off the field to an on field injury.
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