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  1. I'll throw my hat in the ring too.
  2. To all, I am still alive and kicking. MS kicked my butt and cost me a job that I liked and was at for eight years. I would still be wrenching if this disease never took hold. Alas. This is my fate. I still want to work and be of use to people but my body won't allow it anymore. I can't even look after myself without help from the state. They provide limited help. Not near enough in my case. Thus far, disability is of zero help. I was denied twice by them. This should be cut and dry but every MS case is different and has different degrees of mobility. Some can work while others wish they could
  3. Still not boring. It was just kicked up a notch even.
  4. I've read this a few times. Glad it's a 'Pick from the Past'.
  5. http://www.awesomedude.com/merkin/feast.htm
  6. It wasn't him. It was me. You need to watch the quiet ones.
  7. Val Kilmer did this in a few of his movies he is in.
  8. Your up for writing a short I take it?
  9. K.C. and the sunshine band was where it was at.
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