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  1. It has leanings to 'Do Over' by Dan Kirk and he says that. I've only read the intro and the first chapter but the only thing I see is both deal with time travel. That itself is a mean feat. We will see what the future or the past brings. http://www.awesomedude.com/altimexis/conversations-with-myself/index.htm
  2. This is good to know. I already have that bookmarked.
  3. It's been a year and four months already since I quit smoking for good. I of course didn't during my five week stay at various hospitals getting my body back in sync. The day I got out I lit up and went on it for two more weeks. You needed a reason, at least in your head to do this. March 2 2015, I quit for good. The thing I figured out is you have to want it for yourself or it will never work. I wanted to for a few years but never had a reason too. When I was diagnosed with MS last year, I finally had my reason. Things smell and taste better now. Air fresheners actually do work I found out w
  4. Would you believe that this is R/C?
  5. Very nice. You took a math problem and built a story around it. I very much approve.
  6. It's like Grasshoppers stories. Required reading.
  7. I read "The Quarry" and see Ken as a friends transmission guy since he looks like how I picture him.
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