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    Horses, Baseball and my boyfriend Paul.
  1. Hey All, Paul forgot his password and is waiting for it to reset... silly! Sorry we've not be so active lately. But we thought we should drop you guys a line, or two, and let you know some pretty big news. Today Paul and I will seal our love in marriage... this afternoon, if neither of us faints. We are sort of running on autopilot this morning after all our friends and brothers, the older ones, gave us a tame bachelor's party last night out at the river. Tomorrow Paul and I will be flying out to Wyoming to a dude ranch for a week's honeymoon. What better place for two horse breeders to go
  2. Paco

    Pain Days

    It seems we can lose a pint of blood between the pool and the house. Mosquitos are just a fact of life down here near the Gulf. Want a real bite, just cavort with horse flies! Those buggers can give you all sorts of problems. We hope you get better soon!
  3. This one gets our southern stamp of approval, especially Fitz.
  4. Not all of us from the younger generations are so stupid. Cole's story opened a good discussion with our dads. And, hey we do read. War stories are not my preference, but Cole's Snyder wasn't really about the war, it was about people and acceptance. I liked this one, even if it had no romance... I am just a fool for romances.
  5. Hey Guys. I wasn't sure where to put this. I'm on Dragon and it might turn out weird. But I wanted to say hey and thak all of you for your good wishes. Paulie says I talk just fine so let the program do its thing. He let me read his post to you guys. It makes me look like I need to slap him upside the head! I'm not a total veggie! OK so I can only move my fingertips and toes on my left foot. But I'll be back in full force in no time. Watch me!
  6. Hey guys... I wish I could take half the credit for "The Littlest Angel", but I'm not a writer. At least not like my partner Paul, who deserves all the good words you have bestowed on us. Paul says I am his muse... and that is good enough for me!
  7. Paco

    Cat Rules

    Always looking for a free lunch!
  8. Yep, they stayed perfectly sane while the kid was about, then fell apart. See? We're good for something!
  9. Paco


    Slightly used, but a 2012 Camry XLE... shiny and the perfect color!
  10. Paco


    Hey! Hey! Hey! Our New Ride....
  11. Paco

    alpha dog

    If it isn't warm and furry...
  12. Paul and I have found some really good stories and authors on Nifty. Both of us usually read in the YoungFriends section. Yes, there are many stories I find distasteful, but the good thing... I don't have to read them. If I could write stories like you guys I would post them where ever someone would likely read them... Nifty, AD or the local grocery bulletin board. You all make valid points. Just don't get carried away and hurt feelings, nobody needs that.
  13. This is just disgusting! These people should be locked away from society and the keys melted. Religion my happy ass.
  14. I've read Joel... a wonderful ongoing story.
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