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  1. Thanks for your input. I shall certainly consider it before I decide.
  2. Sorry about that. As you may remember, I usually post my stories all at once, because when stories are posted serially people tend to lose track of the beginning by the time they get to the end. However, I shall reconsider. My next story is probably 12 chapters long which would make it six weeks. We shall see. Thanks for your concern, Alan
  3. Thanks Oliver and Colin. I'm fine. And thanks for your comments. I believe I will post the next story all at once, as that's the way I like to read them.
  4. Hi Oliver, yes it was a fast ending. That's partly because the story lay fallow for a long time while I spent time having and recovering from neck surgery. The surgery left me, at least temporarily, with no feeling in my hands. That makes it difficult to touch-type. I've embarked on a new story with the help of a voice-recognition program which works well except that it seems to have lost one of my chapters, which I shall now have to reconstruct. Anyway, thanks so much for writing.
  5. Thanks. I hope you find the ending satisfactory.
  6. Oliver, Thanks so much for writing. I really appreciate your comments. I'm so glad you got hooked. Have heart - there are only two more chapters. Keep r4eading!
  7. I have been in touch with a writer who calls himself Kewl Dad and who submitted a story some time ago. More recently he has emailed to find out what has become of the story. Can anyone help me help him? Alan Dwight
  8. Hey Cole, I enjoyed the story and was sad to see it end so soon. Sometimes I wonder if 15 year-olds are as articulate as we sometimes make them, but they make for a good story. I agree about the pictures!
  9. As always, Michangel's story-telling is both educational and enchanting. This is a fascinating story, well worth the time it may take to figure out some of the technical angles. A tour de force.
  10. Thank you Des and Chris. Chris you have really captured what I was trying to do. This began as a Civil War story, but you picked up that it is really a love story with the war as just one event. It was not an easy story to write and I appreciate your very kind comments.
  11. Thank you, gentlemen. Glad you enjoyed it.
  12. "Gone For A Soldier" follows the lives of two boys in the 1860's, at the time of the American Civil War. Elias and Josiah become friends one summer and then more than friends, as the threat of war looms over their happiness. Sometimes it is only their love that enables them to get through the time of danger, fear, and longing.
  13. All I can say is, What a wonderful, interesting, well-told story. I too learn a great deal from each of Mihangel's stories, and this one is no exception. Keep writing, Mihangel, we need you!!!!
  14. A really fine story which everybody should read. I loved it.
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