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  1. Sometime around the late 1960s or early 70 a film production company I did some casual work with, looked at using Tommy Kirk for a role in a film that was being made in the UK but with American backers. They were told by their distributors in the States that if Kirk was in it, they would not be able to show it. The word was that Walt Disney had said he would not allow any of his films to be shown in any cinema circuit that showed a film with Kirk in it.
  2. I find this piece very disturbing. It has a feeling of self-promotion by the father. I don't think it is doing anything to benefit the son.
  3. Do they? Yes, I suppose there are some who do, I know I do if it is written well. However, even with my favourite authors I often find myself skipping the sexually explicit sections. What I do know is that a lot of the emails I get about my writing is from readers who are thanking me for writing gay themed stories and avoiding descriptions of sex activities. It all comes down to ones individual taste. Some readers want sex in their reading, some don't. Hopefully there is sufficient variety in the wring available to support both.
  4. It was not just a case of Disney firing him, Walt went out of his way to make sure he would not get work elsewhere. In 1970 I was involved in the pre-production of a film to be made in the UK. Kirk's name was suggested for one of the parts. I am not sure how far things went, but did hear on the grapevine that Walt had phoned the producers and told them that if they used Kirk he would make sure distribution was blocked in the USA.
  5. This story has arrived in Dude's picks for October 2021. Somehow I missed it back in 2017, not sure how seeing Chris James' comments about it. If Chris was recommending something I would certainly enjoy it. Reading it now I can fully understand Chris' enthusiasm for it. It kept grabbed my attention from the start and kept me occupied for more hours that I really could afford, but hours of reading I found throughly enjoyable.
  6. I must say The Bells of Times Square is a great story very well told. It is also one which has an emotional impact that gay fiction often lacks. It was certainly my favourite Amy Lane novel, until The Mastermind came along.
  7. Before you start asking Rutabaga, yes, the second book in the Joey series is going to get written. I was blocked on some research due to the Covid restrictions. Am now able to get it done. Am back working on it. Need to as characters from the Joey series turn up in the second book of the Johnny series.
  8. Not quite Golden Era as they were written in the 1960s to 1980s, but nicely written detective stories are the Van Der Valk novels. Just finished re-reading Love in Amsterdam/Death in Amsterdam and really enjoyed the book. It's OK Rutabaga, I have finished writing book two of Johnny, waiting to hear from my editor. Decided to relax for a week before I return to Joey.
  9. I don't think Camy actually wants the people, just the land. You can keep the people. We just need some land where we can put the Ulster Unionists once the reunification of Ireland takes place. The last place we want them is over here.
  10. I am looking for at least one and if possible two additional editors to edit the second volume of the Johnny Series and to edit the rewrite of the first volume. Be warned, it is a big job. Being Johnny is 61 chapters in total and most chapters are just over 8K words. If you are interested in helping, please email me.
  11. Actually Cole the UN does recognise the separate countries. The membership of the UK is stated as being the membership of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is noted that Wales is missing.
  12. An impressive young woman who has made history. It is the first time that any qualifier, male or female, has won one of the four major tournaments. Well she now has one down, only three more to go.
  13. You've got a choice, Chief of Police or Senator. Take your pick. No matter which you pick I have no doubt that Cole will surprise us.
  14. You will be glad to know Rutabaga that I managed to avoid falling into the same trap as you. Was too busy working on Being Johnny. By the way, I am now nearly at the end. Only have two, maybe three chapters to write before draft one is finished. Then I will start reading Cole's new story, which I am sure will be as good as ever.
  15. There is no evidence that SARS-Cov-2 the virus that causes Covid-19 is a modified virus. Mutated, yes, modified no. There has been extensive investigation to see if there was any sign of modification and no evidence of modification has been found.
  16. It is a similar situation with the Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine. It has taken years to develop. It started out over ten years ago with the development of a vaccine for Ebola. During that work they used a non-human cold virus as the vector to carry the spike proteins. When MARS broke out, they realised they could use the same vector platform for a MARS vaccine and were actively working on the development of the MARS vaccine when SARS-Covid-2 arrived on the scene. Both MARS and SARS-Covid-2 are Coronaviruses and they are closely related. In fact they are so closely related that the doctors in Wuhan one point thought they had an outbreak of MARS on their hands until they got the full DNA sequence. Once the full DNA sequence of the virus was available, it was a relatively simple job to identify the spike proteins and modify the existing MARS vaccine so it was effective against Covid-19. I get sick and tired of hearing people say that the vaccines are not safe as you cannot develop a safe vaccine in a year. None of the vaccines were developed in a year. They are all the product of vaccine development programmes that have taken many years to complete. We are just lucky that this pandemic arrived at a time when the technology of using delivery platforms for spike proteins had already been developed and proven with other vaccines before our need for the current batch.
  17. "We are waiting for God to send us a miracle that will save us from Covid." "But we have a vaccine." "But God will send us a miracle." "He did, we got a vaccine in a year - THAT IS A MIRACLE!"
  18. After ten years maybe it is time for a sequel.
  19. Question : What is the difference between Fox News and Dr Goebbels? Answer : Dr Goebbels told the truth some of the time!
  20. There is a saying that "God helps those that help themselves." On that basis, if you want God's help, get vaccinated, so he can help you.
  21. The thing is when I am on call, I can't write. I can though sit and read.
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