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  1. I am taking up R's challenge and combining threads... These stories are reminiscent (to me) of the vintage photographs in the video posted by Nigel Gordon. In no particular order and without comment: China Boat http://awesomedude.com/douglas/china-boat/index.htm Coy Boy http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/adult-friends/coy-boy/ Blitzed http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/beginnings/blitzed/ The Scholar's Tale http://awesomedude.com/mihangel/the-scholars-tale-1/index.htm http://awesomedude.com/mihangel/the-scholars-tale-2/index.htm http://awesomedude.com/miha
  2. It's interesting how the written word is subject to interpretation. I took 'other loves' to be deep engagement with other concerns; they could be hobbies or romantic crushes or relationships... all possible in the mentioned time span. Thank you for sharing your story Alan. I enjoyed it.
  3. Two possibilities: -Outside the Foul Lines by Rick Beck (this site) baseball story with mention of cancer but no bullies -Joel series of stories by Ted Louis (https://tedlouis.com/) peripheral baseball with leukemia & bully (it's been years since I read these so my recollection is unreliable)
  4. Lyrical poetry in prose. Beautiful. Thank you.
  5. Redemption requires the ability to learn and change as needed. Luther's capacity for redemption depends on his willingness to learn / reflect on his actions and atone / correct them as needed.
  6. In ch 9, David used the mock boxing match as an opportunity to teach his boys that violence is not a solution *and* to used humiliation to punish Luther. His responsibility was to his boys. Reggie failed to recognize it as a teachable moment for Luther; he sees camp as a growth opportunity for the campers only and has neglected his responsibility to his counselors. In ch 1 Reggie implied his former counselors matured and gained confidence through their experience. It would seem Luther needs more guidance than his colleagues and Reggie needs to step up.
  7. Jeff - One of the pleasures of reading stories like A Royal Achievement is that I get the historical context without slogging through the work of reading contemporary historical accounts with its inconsistent spelling and difficult language. So thank you for doing the hard work for me and entertaining me at the same time :-) S-
  8. IMO, you've achieved your goal. As I read this story, Scout Finch often came to mind.
  9. I've been reading the newest serials by Douglas and Cole Parker with great joy and relish. It struck me that while both are extremely well written, the reading experience each offers is different. To use an art metaphor, the poetic quality of Douglas' prose highlights literary negative space. On the other hand, Cole's characters fully inhabit their space. I hope this belongs under Readers Rule :)!
  10. Many submissions are better suited to be prologues (my fault). Here's a shorty: Aargh! He/She/They got/infected me with an eye-worm… won’t be easy to wash away *that* image.
  11. Their son pranced to the podium with a beaming smile radiating from his face. It was an inane contest but …his triumph was joy enough. …his win was a testament to his will. ...
  12. Please, trim away. Editing for the sake of storytelling is a writerly responsibility.
  13. Sometimes there are no answers. Sometimes there are more answers than questions. Sometimes the answers are so obvious they punch you in the face. Sometimes you have to extract the answer drop by drop by drop. Sometimes, all it takes is to ask. But take care… once received, the answer cannot be returned. You (or I) can only wish to have not asked. As humorous ending perhaps?
  14. He smiled through the pancake batter dripping down his face. It was the most gratifying moment thus far in his short life.
  15. Yes :) ... I couldn't recall who wrote it! Many thanks.
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