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  1. The reformatting was all Mike's work. I can't claim any credit for that, but thanks for including me!
  2. Why the author was not getting replies shouldn't have prevented you from responding to his post. You obviously knew Mike was OK -- not least because he's currently posting a story of yours. You could have simply responded that you knew Mike was alive and well. That would not add to speculation.
  3. Did you respond to the post to prevent further speculation? If not, why not?
  4. I agree. I'm biased, because I helped edit it, but it is a wonderful story about overcoming fear and insecurity.
  5. Alien Son


    Wow, thank you for the ringing endorsement, Joe. I hope Dynasty lives up to your expectations.
  6. It's sad that Driver never finished "Dog Days". At least, Chapter 8 ends with " … more " so I assume he intended to write more. It certainly doesn't seem complete.
  7. Sad news. Chris was a great writer and I love his stories. We exchanged numerous emails, including when I wrote to tell him how much I appreciated a story, and when I was working on preparing his stories for posting. I always enjoyed hearing from him. Best wishes to you, Addym.
  8. This might add to the confusion, but here in Australia we have apple cider which is sold in supermarkets along with the other juices and soft drinks. It's non-alcoholic. We probably have the alcoholic variety, too, but I don't drink alcohol so I wouldn't know.
  9. Love is Blind is being posted on Nifty. . As of 24 February it's up to six chapters. Whether those chapters correspond with what's posted on GA I wouldn't know, sorry. GA is a horrible site I rarely visit.
  10. The house of representatives passed the legislation today. All amendments were defeated, and only four MHRs voted against the bill.
  11. Today in the Senate our attorney-general, George Brandis, made a speech during debate on the same sex marriage bill. I'm no fan of George (in fact, during most of the life of the current government I've regarded him as a real dill), but this speech is a gem. I only hope he really meant it. There's an edited version of it here: http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/attorneygeneral-george-brandis-powerful-samesex-marriage-speech-in-full-20171128-gzu669.html. I think this is the highlight: "I want to reflect for a moment on the message this will send, in particular, to young gay people: to the boy or girl who senses a difference from their friends, which they find difficult to understand and impossible to deal with. In his first speech in the Parliament, my friend Tim Wilson spoke movingly of his own experience of confronting that knowledge, as a tormenting fear "that took an energetic 12-year-old and hollowed his confidence to eventually doubt his legitimate place in the world". How many hundreds of thousands of young Australians have known that fear? How many have lived with it, silently and alone? How many have failed to come to terms with it and been overborne by it? By passing this bill, we are saying to those vulnerable young people: there is nothing wrong with you. You are not unusual. You are not abnormal. You are just you. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing to hide. You are a normal person and, like every other normal person, you have a need to love. How you love is how God made you. Whom you love is for you to decide and others to respect."
  12. Thanks for your encouragement, Colin. If it happens it might be a long time coming, though.
  13. I read this just a few minutes ago. It's quite moving.
  14. You're probably right about sequels, although my reason for writing Another Day was to tie up all the loose ends I left in The Worst Day. I had always thought I would never write a sequel. I had heard of authors claiming that their characters sometimes took over and told the story. I wasn't convinced that they were being truthful until it happened to me when I was writing Black Dog. The last two or three chapters almost wrote themselves.
  15. Thanks for the link to the voting survey, Graeme. I wasn't able to find it again. This time I'll save the link! My memory of the article wasn't very accurate, either. Sigh. The number of MPs who said they would vote in favour was much higher than I said above, and the number who didn't respond to the ABC was also higher.
  16. Chris, you've made my day, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Your mention of Andrew made me sit up and realise that I really like him... but then I think I like all the characters I've created. Is this the case for all writers?
  17. Already introduced, late in the afternoon after the result of the ballot was announced. Without going into the history of the whole sorry mess, suffice to say that several MPs already had a private member's bill ready; all they had to do was introduce it and get it debated. That process started in the senate yesterday afternoon. Both major parties (and most of the minor ones, I think) have given their members a conscience vote, which means they can vote however they wish. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation asked every member of the house of representatives and every senator how they would vote on the legislation if it was introduced. The ABC published the figures the day before the result of the ballot was announced. They seem to have removed the article from their website, so I can't provide a link; however, a clear majority of MPs said they would vote to pass the legislation. I can't remember the figures, but I think it was around 60% yes, 40% no (pretty much in line with the result of the marriage survey), with some saying they would wait for the result of the marriage survey before deciding. A couple of diehards said they would vote no whatever the result of the survey. I think only two MPs did not respond to the ABC's question. For the bill to pass it simply needs a majority in both houses of parliament to vote in favour of it. There will be debate in both houses (it has yet to be introduced in the house of reps), and the far right of the Liberal Party will probably do their best to scuttle it, but they don't have the numbers. The bill as introduced yesterday might end up altered a little, but I don't see much happening because those who oppose it just don't have the support. They may succeed in delaying the passing of the bill, but I think that's the best (from their point of view) that they will be able to achieve. Everyone else is fed up with their antics, and they just want to get the thing done -- as does the general public.
  18. The results of Australia's voluntary postal survey on same sex marriage have just been announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. There was an amazing turnout - 79.5% of eligible voters responded. The vote was 61.6% YES, 38.4% NO, with 0.2% unclear. Of our total 150 federal electoral districts, 133 voted YES; 17 voted NO. Of the 17 NO, 12 were in New South Wales, 3 in Queensland and 2 in Victoria. Every state and territory voted YES, with the result in all states except New South Wales more than 60% in favour. In NSW the figure was 58%. Detailed figures (including by electorate and age group) are available at http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-15/same-sex-marriage-results-ssm/9145636. Now all we need is for our politicians to get on and do what they should have done in the first place - pass the law in parliament, with no more obfuscation, no more delaying tactics, and no more dishonest campaigning.
  19. Thank you, ChrisR and Merkin for your kind words. I tend to agonise over my writing, and I'm very slow at putting a story together (Another Day sat for more than two years after I started it and got stuck on it. I was motivated to dust it off when Mike needed new stories), so it's very encouraging to receive such praise. Altimexis, thank you for the insight into the disease. My knowledge of it came from research on the internet, so apologies if anything I said was not accurate. The only reason for Andrew being pushed around was the storyline, but I should have approached that aspect of the story in a different way. The least I could have said was that Thomas and Percy helped him some of the time. (Having said that, however, there is a scene in The Worst Day where Andrew pushes himself around.) There always seems to be something that could have been said better! And thank you for your kind words, too.
  20. Thanks for the plug, Cole. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  21. The Worst Day, my contribution to the AwesomeDude tenth anniversary in 2014, left a few things up in the air. If you would like to know what happened next, Another Day will be posted on Wednesday 8 November. It's short and sweet, and it's been a long time coming... but it does tie up the loose ends!
  22. Nigel, did you mean "lose" or "loose"?
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