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  1. I've been off the site for a bit so it was a nice surprise to come back on and find aa new story by Nigel. Knowing Nigel's writing, I suspect this is not going where we think it is going. It will be interesting to see where it ends up. One thing that did surprise me was that I realised that I knew the town that Nigel had set the story in. OK he has moved it from the southern Midlands to the North of England. Also the town does not have a river flowing through it. What it has is a major road that cuts the town in half. However, the other facts about the town fit it exactly. If the location exis
  2. I first read a draft of this story about two years ago, I think Nigel was intending it for a Christmas story. Liked it then. Like it even more now, the detail he has given into bookbinding is fascinating. There is a lot more to this story than I remember from reading the original draft. Would not say it is a better story, but it is a more involved story. Have read it a couple of times now and each time I have found something new. Nigel, usually has a twist at the end of his stories, I had half expected it but the nature of it took me by surprise. It was not in the early draft I read thoug
  3. It's a pity we are not going to be seeing her here!
  4. There is a new story, 'Walking the Wild Side', being posted by Nigel Gordon on IOMFATS.org. It is now at chapter 4 and looks like it is going to get very interesting. I noticed in intro that it had been edited by Pedro and Cole Parker so was rather surprised not to see it here. Hope Nigel has not decided to move, his 'Words Unsaid' has also been posted to IOMFATS. Not sure where the story is going to go but I can say that at the moment I am very scared for the well being of the lead character. You can find the story at: http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/nigel-gordon/walking-the-
  5. Listened to this last night and found it exceptionally moving and very powerful. If you have not listened to it, do so, before it expires. One of the best pieces of radio for a long time.
  6. Well, just re-read this as it has finished posting. Even though I knew what was coming the end still had me in tears. A well written story that is worth reading.
  7. I am glad to see that this has now started to be reposted. I have the advantage of having read it in full. Went round to see Nigel to ask him what the problem was and he allowed me to read the whole story. It is good and had me crying at the end. What had Nigel crying was the number of emails he received about the 'technical issues' and stating that if he wanted to write material like that he should go to Nifty. The technical issue had nothing to do with his writing but concerned the fact that a copyright image had been used as a result of an honest error. As soon as John was made aware o
  8. I think the Eagle upgrade includes all the electronics - basically you get a brand new car built inside the old body. Even the engine is completely stripped down and rebuilt using higher spec fittings.
  9. A terrific story well told. It brought back memories. If only I had the guts to brass it out.
  10. I met Nigel a couple of years after the events in this story. At no time in the forty seven years I have known him has he ever regretted what he did. A couple of times he has said he thought he should have called on the students to walk out with him but as he said never ask a question you do not know the answer to. He suspected some might but also thought some might not. In many ways the events in this story made him. He went on to work extensively in the civil and gay rights movement, I don't think he would have done that if he had not been forced to take a stand. That led him into an i
  11. I have a suspicion that Simon Charles Seymoure is actually based on somebody Nigel knows. The description fits him exactly. Somehow I suspect there is a lot more 'truth' in this story than first meets the eye. Nigel spent some years in the antique and art business and still does some auctioneering. On the occasions when I have been at a dinner party where he has been a guest he has recounted some interesting insights into the shadier sides of those worlds.
  12. I suppose one should start to expect the unexpected at the end of Nigel's stories but I must admit there was no way I expected the ending here. It left me feeling rather shocked and a bit uncomfortable - then that is probably what he intended. I am not sure if I like this story but it was certainly worth reading.
  13. I think this is one of the most enjoyable stories I have read for a long time and it goes to show it does not have to be just boy meets boy, other permutations work.
  14. I nearly missed this story, till Nigel Gordon sent me a message saying that I should read it. Glad I did, it is one of the best novels I have read on AD and gives a real insight into conditions in London under the Blitz. Congratulations Mihangel for a great piece of work.
  15. Loved it, just wish it could be for real!
  16. Really good read, did not expect the prize to be what it is.
  17. I really enjoyed this story so far but have a worrying feeling that there is going to be something very unexpected round the corner.
  18. Well I have just read this for the first time, having been pointed to it by Nigel, and I think it is great. The writing might not be as good as some of Cole's later work but the story line is fantastic. I think John is a fantastic character, would like to know how he gets on in life.
  19. I read this with some disbelief, it was so close, so very close, to the actual events in a friend's life that I thought Cole was writing non-fiction until I realised that (a) Cole could not know of those events and (b) it was set in the wrong decade in the wrong country. This is a great and very insightful story, one well reading.
  20. I found myself torn by this story, as I know the parties on who it is based. As has been pointed out you are probably better off reading Mike's Story before you read Strange Warmth. Reading either of them will leave you with a lot of questions but I suspect that is intentional, will we see a follow up for Valentine's Day 2016.
  21. This is one of the best things I have read so far on AD, really enjoying it. A very well written story that is historically accurate. Well worth reading.
  22. This is an interesting take on the question of why are we what we are? I suspect the book that Lee refers to is Bryan Magees 'One in Twenty', I have not read it for over forty years but I think the piece about Rabbits is in there.
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