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  1. This will never be included on AwesomeDude.com as "We had considered including such an index in the past but decided against it for a number of reasons." He didn't specify the reasons. I guess it is maintenance. I will be hosting this here: http://gwilympocock.github.io/awesome_dude_az There is no guarantee it will be kept updated and correct. (Graeme: your stories are fixed).
  2. The maintenance isn't much harder than adding links to the home page. It may have missed your stories if they are saved like this: graeme/short-stories/story.htm Edit: yes that is the case. It requires me to manually fix this by telling it that short-stories is a collection, not a novel. Should only take 5 minutes.
  3. It was built using a collection of bots I built from scratch. I also had to go through and correct things like titles and making sure the right link is used. It took about four hours, not including the time it took to write the bots.
  4. Available here: http://gwilympocock.github.io/awesome_dude_az Also here: https://github.com/gwilympocock/awesome_dude_az/blob/gh-pages/index.html And here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/9sbpppg015vr1ed/listings.html
  5. I made an A to Z listing. It will be added shortly. (If the dude wants it. I just have a few things to fix.)
  6. http://ts4.mm.bing.net/th?u=http%3a%2f%2fwww.valentinesgift.co.uk%2fgifts%2fimages%2fRacing%2520Willies.jpg&ehk=nzMYcgGI1BwImzFgJkeGtw&w=320&h=320&c=7&p=0&dpr=1.5&pid=1.7
  7. I have just read this - it's an excellent story. Hilarious at moments. I recommend that you read this again. it is worth it.
  8. It is amazing how American singers lose their accents while singing, and sound almost British.
  9. RE: POV changing in a successful novel. Lorien legacies series by pittacus lore does it. It is a ya book though. Edit: sorry, I didn't realise how old this was. You may delete this post if it violates the bumping policies.
  10. What is this? Twitter for Awesome Dude-ers?

  11. Yes! It was pretty awesome. One thunder went on for over ten seconds. Some of the lighting was red! It was pretty epic. My dog didn't think it was epic, though.
  12. You could do a sequel of Humanity finding out, and raging full out war. Or maybe a religious sect finds out and tries to assassinate demons, angels and druids. His father and Gabriel could of been captured by a religious sect. Gabriel died, but the father has information extracted. It is up to you, though. You are the talented author.
  13. I sort of agree with you Cole, except I think that the extent to which they live in their own world depends on their age, and who they are. Some kids and teenagers are more reliable than others in thinking about consequences. I was thinking that these the person who shot this video may be autistic, if they didn't realise the consequences beforehand. Then again, they may just be a child. Do you think special account should be taken into account if they are autistic? Does it actually matter? If you were the judge, what would you sentence them to? I agree this has story potential. You could do it through the eyes of the investigator, or the parents, or a teacher. I think through the eyes of the filmer is best though, or someone who egged the filmer on to post the video.
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