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  1. Pedro

    Boys in Ballet

    Thank you for posting this piece. The teacher echoes everything my late partner used to say about ballet. He danced late 1950’s with Festival Ballet and occasionally with the Royal. Unfortunately he only managed two or three years before he picked up a knee injury that ended his career, but there was no doubt it was the major part of his life.
  2. That was fun. A nice double trouble twin story to raise a smile on a cold wet day. (and it’s very wet in the UK at the moment) Find it here: https://awesomedude.com/alan_dwight/seeing-double/seeing-double.htm
  3. Curses. Now I’ve got the theme tune running around in my head. I ‘m not going to suffer alone -here’s a link:
  4. Except ‘Heart ‘ is not actually the first book in the series. IIRC it is however the first book where the paranormal associated with Rothenia Is hinted at. The Peachers are introduced in ‘Towards the Decent Inn’ and Terry in ’Terry and the Peachers’. For some reason these do not appear on this site. I remember raising the question with either the Dude or the author, or maybe both, but I suspect my email(s) may have been swept into the black hole of junk mail by their mail servers. These two stories can be found on IOMFATS http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/arram/ amongst other places. Please note that the versions of some of the stories (especially ‘The Fall’) differ between sites (I think the version here is the most recent) and I have noticed Mike Arram is currently posting some of the stories on GA with further revisions.
  5. Except I understood the problem to be how to find stories by genre after they have fallen off the new story lists. I would have thought authors could be responsible for classifying their own stories at least until they are proved wrong by reader feedback!
  6. As a reader, when I find a story I like, I look for my next story in two ways. Either seek further stories by the same author or stories of a similar nature. So I think Talo’s suggestion of some sort of classification by genre is a good one. Better still is that he has backed up his initial suggestion by working up a list of possible classifications. However ( there is always a however), I feel some overlap between classifications is going to be inevitable. Unwittingly, Talo has even hinted at this by including ‘supernatural’ in both ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Horror’. He has also suggested ‘short stories’ as a genre, but this represents an additional level of classification based on length of story, as ‘shorts’ will also fall into a subject genre. Of more immediate consideration is the effect of introducing any additional level of classification on the organisation of the site. As I understand it, at the moment the hierarchy is ‘main page>author page>story page>story’, or some simple variant, and the file structure reflects this. When Mike has a new story to post he adds it to the ‘new story’ sections of the main page and to the author’s page. With the added complication of genre classification, my feeling is that Mike will have will either have to maintain additional pages for each classification, something I suspect Mike will be loth to take on, or the stories have to be entered in some kind of database that allows interrogation by a reader. The latter would make it relatively simple to add additional levels of classification, eg length, collections (halloween, valentines, boys-on-trains) etc, but considerable effort would be required to design the database and identify and enter all the data for the stories. Most important of all it requires access to the necessary coding skills for incorporating the database into the website, which I suspect we don’t have.
  7. Nigel, I don’t consider I should share the billing for what is wholly your story. I was just happy to oblige with giving it a good fettling to get it ready for Mike. I clearly didn’t do that good a job since I missed ‘statutes’, so no gold star for me.
  8. Pedro

    U=U & PrEP

    The medicos amongst us will hopefully give us their informed opinion, but my view is PrEP should only be considered as an additional weapon in tne armoury against HIV. Unfortunately some will think it means the battle is won and return to/ take up unsafe practices with gay abandon. Safe sex awareness and practice should be maintained, if only because ‘other brands of STD are available’. As an aside : Camy does have several stories posted on Iomfats as Camy Sussex. So listed under S.
  9. Pedro

    IRS. Audit

    Another argument against male genital mutilation ie routine circumcision for non-medical reasons.
  10. Aaw. (blushes). I’m pleased that it hit the spot for you and flattered that you should want to put it on the re-read shelf of your bookcase.
  11. Carefully crafted and darkly coloured this is Nigel at his best. Read it here: https://awesomedude.com/nigel_gordon/the-secret-of-making/the-secret-of-making.htm.
  12. As James has said, it is difficult to choose any of Cole’s stories as better than any of the others. To be prolific and deliver consistent quality and breadth is worthy of our kowtows. Two not on the list that I re-read from time to time are ‘High Plains of Wyoming’ and ‘They Came with Guns’.
  13. Although she was in mufti, Mother’s tweed wearing rival was there instead, still licking her lips at the memory of her breakfast fry-up. Will Mother have the last word? Time (next Saturday) will tell.
  14. You wouldn’t be so keen if he over-charged you the same way he did for the one he invoiced George’s company. That’s why Patrick was going to let Bert sign off the invoice and not do it himself. Plausible deniability and all that.
  15. “No, dear! Not tweeds,” says Mother.”They would never do. Tweeds are for people that live in the country and spend their time riding around on horses or shooting at unsuspecting birds.”
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