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  1. Pedro

    R.B.G. R.I.P.

    Expect a nomination on McConnell’s desk first thing Monday, and all other Senate business put on hold until confirmation pushed through. Unfortunately it will also embolden reactionaries elsewhere. [ Aside - ‘Reactionaries? ‘ makes me sound like a bearded, sandal-wearing, 1960’s leftie and a term I never thought I would have cause to use, but somehow seems more apposite than ‘conservative’ .]
  2. I’m enjoying this. I hope others are too. Up to ch9.
  3. Ah’s thinkin’ we should have a new forum section here Cole's Classic Cookery Classes I will confess to using a 7” cooks knife for dicing onions for the dexterity when doing the horizontal cuts. My big 10”s comes out for things like root veg and grating cabbage for coleslaw. Whatever knife you use it must be sharp. Oysters in stuffing? My first thought was yuck, but it’s not really any different to oyster sauce in chinese cuisine. It’s a way of adding umami. I think I’ll stick with sage and onion with maybe a forcemeat based on pork sausage on extra special occasions. Some
  4. I’m confuzzed. Were chapters thirteen and fourteen posted in the wrong order? I’m sure I read what is now ch14 on Wednesday and wondered at the time about the references to Foster intervening with Barry the Bully. I only found the new to me ch13 because these days I need to refresh my memory of what happened last time before reading a new instalment.
  5. Greeting Wandering Pom. Thank you for commenting. You must think it ok if you have read it twice in a couple of months! As for a sequel, I’m not sure that Patrick and his boys don’t just settle down into an uneventful domesticity. Maybe Mother has an adventure or Diana has to sharpen the knife of hers again neither of which would be suitable material for the gentle, sensitive souls who visit here!
  6. Thank Bruin. I'm glad it hit the spot. I had hoped somebody else might rise to the challenge but no takers as yet.
  7. Thanks guys I’m pleased you liked it.
  8. Billy Spooner A response to Cole Parker’s post: https://forums.awesomedude.com/topic/11396-for-writers/?tab=comments#comment-78649 For Writers in Writers Workshop. By Pedro Epizeuxis : A literary or rhetorical device using the repetition of words in quick succession for vehemence or emphasis usually in order to appeal to or invoke the reader’s or listener’s emotions. Little Billy Spooner was both the age and of an age when boys under thirteen wore short trousers and long socks. It was also an age when grammar was still taught in schools, and taught proper.
  9. I think Cole is being disingenuous here. Like he egged us on with Gee Whilliker’s ‘mahmilapinatapai’ this is clearly intended as a prompt, nay challenge, to all here to scribble something pertaining to the word. I say, I say, I’m sure this is the start of something pernicious: ‘Parker’s Pandemic Prompts’ to keep our brains protesting in these unusual times. Of course Cole has forgotten to say the submissions should be posted in the Flash Fiction section of the forum. But then had he done so it would have destroyed the subtlety of his approach.
  10. Memory plays tricks. The story I initially thought of was this one http://www.awesomedude.com/tsf/wgna/index.htm “When Gay Nerds Attack” by Fredrics. There is no picture of a Mobius strip, only a section title and no nerds striking back, although it appears there was the intention for a such a scene, but the story seems unfinished - something I do remember from first time around.
  11. I recognised the story and searched several sites before finding it was actually here (-see Link in Ivor’s post). Since the pseudonym Kewl-Dad no longer appears in the author list, I presumed this was a re-release of a, possibly updated, story. Intriguingly neither version was the story I thought it was when I realised I had read it before. That story had plot elements where the nerds struck back at the bullies and ‘phobes. IIRC one of the chapter headings was a picture of a Mobius strip.
  12. Ch5 -”As long as there are no problems from Massachusetts.” George Hannover III could have told you how that will work out.
  13. Brilliant. I think that is one of his best.
  14. Wondering if there was any resonance with Boys on Trains, I took the bait, and like his protagonist on the plane, Cole has struck and set his hook. I am eagerly awaiting chapters two onwards.
  15. Thank you for posting this piece. The teacher echoes everything my late partner used to say about ballet. He danced late 1950’s with Festival Ballet and occasionally with the Royal. Unfortunately he only managed two or three years before he picked up a knee injury that ended his career, but there was no doubt it was the major part of his life.
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