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  1. I have been completely hooked on this story from the beginning. I love the characters, the subtlety of the relationships, and the mystery. The fact that I've visited Shanghai makes it that much more real to me. Thank you so much, Douglas.
  2. I'm loving this story, Cole! Thank you. Gil
  3. I like the female characters in this story: Miss Cadburn (with the watchful, crotchful eyes), the blessedly meddlesome Amanda, Mrs. Marlowe (the art teacher). Not to fall into pompousness or anything, but I think that one of Cole's great themes is that there is more generosity and kindness in the world than we realize. It's an endearing thread that runs through his work. Gil
  4. I've just reread Tim. The contrasts between the three main characters are so convincingly drawn. Each of them felt like the one that the author most identified with, even though they are nothing alike. What makes Terry such a memorable character for me is how he combines empathy with productive intrusiveness! I wish I'd had a friend like that who would make something happen!
  5. I'd really like to read more about these characters as well.
  6. I was excited every time I checked the site and a new chapter was up. This must be what it was like in the 19th century when The Old Curiosity Shop or whatever was coming out in installments! Thanks, Cole!
  7. Gil Saul

    Jamie's Buddy

    I liked the way Jamie leaned hard on Sean to join the team with him. High school, at least for me, had so much of that herd instinct.
  8. I love the slow logic applied by these two guys.
  9. Ready for a really fun read that will leave you smiling? Try Another Day in Parodyse by Cynus. Every day in high school should be like this one.
  10. I really liked this story, especially for the depiction of Roy's parents' reaction to Maurice and for how the story honors the people who change the course of our lives in just one encounter.
  11. I recognized the characters from the earlier story and was glad to find out more about them. Thanks for including the links to the music videos. I was a teenager in the 1970s, but I never concentrated on learning about the different bands. If my car radio had come equipped with video of the singers, I would have paid a lot more attention to who was who (and wrecked the car).
  12. This story proves that physical comedy isn't only for movies.
  13. This story made me think about how sexuality pushes gay kids to separate psychologically from their parents much earlier than they otherwise might.
  14. A detail I like in this story is that the school administrators don't gossip to Alec about the boy they are trying to help. It's an example of something NOT happening, instead of something happening, but to me it was perhaps the most moving aspect.
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