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  1. A familiar, capable of time travel, on a mission to rescue a Stradivarius violin from the looting of a Venetian palace, inadvertently rescues the musician assigned to that violin who was, himself, attempting to rescue both himself and the violin from the looters. And so, Giacomo de Castellammare comes to Ellendale and the Elven Dominion Beyond the Stars. Who knows what wondrous adventures await him? Other than the Shadow, of course.
  2. This story appears in the September 14, 2020, edition of The New Yorker. It is beautifully written and a moving exploration of two complete opposites.
  3. IT came from outer space. Dark. Menacing. Would Earth and all of it's peoples be destroyed? Enslaved? Assimilated? What form would the threatened doom actually take? Fortunately, King Justin 3 of Great Repute, King of Ellendale and the Elven Domains Beyond the Stars, and his lover and champion, Colin Earl Martial of the Realm: stand before Earth and the THING that threatens from afar. Together they will form and lead the Royal Space Corps into the fray. Will Artificial Intelligence win the day? Will civilization be ground into enslavement. Or worse? Come find out in the Royal Space Corps, coming soon to Awesome Dude. Our favorite channel.
  4. Joe


    Thanks, that didn't work. I don't know how to describe it, but it's very small and has symbols like <p> which I think might mean paragraph plus a lot of other stuff that is not part of the story.
  5. Joe


    Am I the only one whose having trouble seeing this. Every other story I've looked at recently has come through beautifully as they normally do; but this short story is not formatted correctly. Cheers,
  6. Joe


    It only took me seconds to be hooked. A cliff hanging rescue by a handsome prince in a "zimmer". A new identity, a room in the palace. A whole new future. I'm enthralled.
  7. I found this story to be deeply moving. It's based on the experiences of one of Alan's readers. Well worth a read.
  8. Feeling down? Weather grey? Cranky? Improve your mood with a quick read. Pedro's 'Telepathy' , or 'Joseph's Cat' are sure to bring a smile and brighten your day.
  9. But I wanted to know as I was reading Chapter 1.
  10. I've never lost a cuff link and I used to wear them almost daily. I quite agree with you on the subject of history. There are far too few good ones out there. I didn't get a great one until university. My recurring history teacher in HS (small town) believed that the way to teach history was for her to read to us from the book; or for us to read the book ourselves, quietly in class. I once asked her who Admiral Darlan was. She looked at me blankly.
  11. And what's wrong with cuff links anyway?
  12. According to Mike, a portifor is the 17th century usage for portiforium which is a portable breviary. Spell check doesn't much like either. I'm current with this story and the word has not yet appeared there, either. But Mike is fairish awesome so we'll just have to wait,
  13. I had to send a note to Mike in order to find out what a 'portifor' even was. I couldn't find it in my OED. But now I know. This is another in a series of great stories about Rothenia and I've enjoyed them all. This is a particularly fun example of these stories. There's battles and magic and kids being rescued and knowing horses. What more could a reasonable man ask for. Plus there are all sorts of quiet little echoes that demonstrate that the author has done his research and knows his history. It's a particular delight to encounter Generalfeldmarschall Prinz Eugen (AKA Prince Eugene of Savoy, Eugenio di Savoia) one of the great commanders of history little known in English as he served the Habsburgs and, except for assistance to Marlborough, most of his campaigns were against the Ottomans. Interestingly, he never married and there was some 'scandal' in his youth. Not much doubt about who shared his bed on campaign or in his palace. I will now practice brevity. Great story, you won't be disappointed!
  14. This is going to be grand, I'm sure.
  15. Alexander C. Eberhart, There Goes Sunday School, 7 Sisters Publishing, Jupiter, FL, 2018. Mike is a sixteen year old in a fundamentalist Christian family of comfortable means; he is a student at a private Christian school; he has a circle of friends but knows that he is gay and wonders why God (Big Guy) declines to answer his prayers and help him solve this problem. Then, to add further complexity to a difficult situation, he develops a friendship with the preachers son. This is a real page turner and is apt to ring particularly true to anyone who was subjected to that 'old time religion' when they were young. Delightful and satisfying.
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