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  1. No problem. You just have to bake, or slightly singe, your pot. Once it's smoking, you're good!
  2. Damn. I thought you said "palatable." My bad.
  3. You had to create a Country Western version? Wow! Talk about targeting your audience!
  4. Absolutely fascinating tale, and one that doesn't even approach anything I've ever read around here before. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Just fascinating, gripping, damned good writing.
  5. A truly heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing. Never really knew where it was going to land, but it hit just the right spot.
  6. Can't say I've read many stories here about the Girl Scouts of America! ?
  7. Anglicans, eh? Hmm. Eighty-five million down, seven point five billion to go. I'd say 'Rome wasn't built in a day' but I think that's WAY too mixed a metaphor!!
  8. Cole - Not sure where you hail from, Cole, but we have different experiences. My county of 125k opened voting this morning and is doing pretty well with 17 polling places. A few hiccups early on, but if you're in line at 7 tonite you'll vote. I walked in about 10am and was done and gone by 10:15. And if anything, the number of polling places is growing in response to population patterns in the state. As for protesters who object to the flag, I am dismally amused watching a bunch of overpaid high school jocks 'protesting' the conditions under which they and their brethren must exist. Mind you, the minimum salary in the NFL is $450,000. Only 2 players are currently 'stuck' at that rate. So what you see when those concerned guys "protest" is a bunch of multi-millionaires whining about the poor and oppressed without actually doing anything. Then they return to their mansions and drink and snort the night away. Now if they'd each step up and pitch in $50,000 for each time they kneel, using it to buy some starter homes for the poor, then I might have some sympathy. Oh yeah - and the top five paid NFL players (Garropolo, $37m, Stafford, $26.5m, Carr, $25m, Flacco, $24.75m, Luck, $24.4m) -- just for the record, they're all quarterbacks and they're all white. But I don't yet hear the protests. Just sayin'.
  9. Wow! Thanks. Seems sort of strange how complicated it can be. We vote tomorrow here (Arizona) and I'm pretty sure it's the same elsewhere in the country. The nice thing is that they're all politicians so it doesn't really matter who you vote for, right? ?
  10. So let me get this straight... do you guys use a ouija board to set election dates???? A least we know our hours of doom with disgusting regularity!
  11. And thank you for keeping us a breast of the news! ? (titter titter)
  12. It's fun to see how language changes over time. That said, I'll question "gutted" being cited as such a recent American import. Firefighters have used the term for decades, indeed centuries, to reference a building still standing after a fire, but completely devoid of now-burned-out contents. To transfer that image to a person seems of necessity to have happened many many moons ago. If not, I'd be downright stunned and, well, gutted!
  13. Always figured Mozart was for the birds. Finally there's proof! Thanks for this, Cole.
  14. ...as well as more than one party! Now that's one HELLUVA flag!
  15. With apologies to The Bard, methinks the reader doth protest too much. It's a nice, well-written story about two young teens who must respond to an accident and who do so with aplomb. Even mom's faked out! The kids could just as easily have been messing around with a compound bow and launched an arrow through the ceiling and roof. (And yes, they can.) But they chose a familiar object - a gun - which we all recognize and, more or less, understand. I guess they could have made it a .44 and had a sub-story about the EMS dispatched two blocks away for a plunging gunshot wound to a six-year-old, or the mysterious downing of an airplane on final approach to a nearby airport that struck two school buses on the highway or... or... or. But the author chose to relax and make it a simple story. And a good one. Focusing on a couple of clever kids and leaving the earnest advocacies elsewhere. For the record, btw, I do not own a gun of any sorts, do not belong to the NRA, etc. Although I played with thermonuclear weapons in the Air Force, but those punch much bigger holes in ceilings and wouldn't do much for the story line.
  16. Wow! Just beautiful. It's not often one finds simplicity and elegance merged so. I feel almost that I've been watching from afar myself. Thank you.
  17. I am mindful of a quote attributed to Sir Robert Baden-Powell: "A Scout is never taken by surprise. He always knows just what to do when the unexpected happens." This beautiful short story brings out the meaning of that comment quite beautifully - and somewhat unexpectedly. Well done!
  18. Camy -- Thanks for posting the photo. I looked in vain for it in real time coverage, but one of the networks said it had only been permitted to fly for a couple of hours or the Royal Air Force (or somebody) would take it down for them. Glad to see Donny got his time in the sun.
  19. There is one real problem with many short stories: they're so doggone short! Passing It On is a beautiful vignette, the likes of which many of us could only wish for. Thank you, Ivor, for granting it to us.
  20. Having now finished reading this tale, I can almost hear a "That's a wrap!" off camera - it was that good. Having spent most of my younger summers at camp I truly felt the "reality" of the scenarios (except that your lake seems closer to the size of Lake Titicaca than the bathtub we had). So thanks for reawakening some wonderful memories along your pathway.
  21. GEE: We'd gladly join in your recovery, but then tragedy struck in Kentucky so we're sort of in mourning. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/rest-whiskey-storage-warehouse-collapses-kentucky-56370492
  22. Colin - Your experience with the GSA alliance at PAHS is probably not unusual. But it's also why I'm opposed to keeping out the UnClean. I suspect an open meeting where parents can attend and participate, particularly with a police officer guest speaker, and dealing with topics that would have an obvious interest for those parents, would be extraordinarily important. It might even open some eyes. But by the school district hiding the topics and making it clear that parents are unwelcome the group is begging for trouble and, I hate to say, lawsuits. PS: Colin - I didn't realize we'd sorta crossed paths before. I used to sell Macs in downtown PA! :) (Back in the late last millennium.)
  23. Sorry about that, Colin. Let's see if this does the job: https://www.toddstarnes.com/faith/school-bans-parents-from-viewing-lgbt-videos-shown-to-kids/
  24. Gee -- The worst thing here, of course, is there's nothing I can really disagree with on a factual basis in your argument. It's interesting to note that even in your addendum of health issues the only one that doesn't directly involve sexuality is blood transfusions. It seems a lot of "modern" society is caught up with the whole sexuality thing and works overtime to separate parents and their kids from discussing it openly. But if I had a child who was participating in school-sponsored football, band, LGBTQIA or other school activities without my permission and was hurt or died in the process, whether by accident, murder or suicide, there would be a reckoning. Fortunately my progeny are well past school ages so keeping them in the dark worked fine. Though it doesn't quite explain THEIR progeny! - - - - - - [There's an article about GSA actions at a Pennsylvania High School online today that relates to the topic as well: https://www.google.com/search?q=boys+hpv+advert&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=RrcScsNp-BZuuM%3A%2CWCqzw1-jyyx-ZM%2C_&usg=__sZF9bNN3g5tbxVzhJ-HkF3APmjI%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj0nrLov_nbAhV4IDQIHRSxBA8Q9QEItwEwEQ#imgrc=Mf0bPdj01DsnDM: (Be forewarned that the author, Todd Starnes, is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun.)]
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