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  1. Parker's A to Z is one of my favorite stories on GA. :) For those of you who are uncomfortable with the dark subject matter in the early chapters, I suggest you read Parker's other stories. I know someone else has mentioned Aquinas' Story, but he has since written another story and an assortment of poetry: A Hazard Taken (part of GA's 2016 Spring Anthology- Crossing the Line) Occasional Poetry I hope you enjoy them!
  2. I love Timothy's stories, especially Clueless Camping. :) It's the characters that draw me in to this story. I mean, it's always a joy rereading the journey Russell took from being a timid boy to a more confident young man. And I look forward to new chapters as he continues coming out of his shell.
  3. This is a beautiful compilation of gay men and women marrying from all 50 states marrying :)
  4. Chris, I love stories that have their happily ever after but the reality isn't always so. I believe Troye was showing that not everything can have a HEA. I'm confused, I thought Matthew's character was the one to jump and not Troye's. Hm... I need to re-watch it to figure it out... and not to watch it for the thousandth time because I love it...
  5. Didn't Matthew's father die? That would explain his grief.
  6. This is an interesting story that I came across on Nifty. The Chronicles of Trey follows the story of a teen (Trey, obviously ) as he tries to hide his sexuality from his friends and family. Overall, it's well written (while there are some grammatical errors, they are minor and are not distracting) and an exciting read, in fact I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter
  7. Hm... I've been holding off on reading Charlie (been on my reading list for awhile now). I'll definitely read it soon :)
  8. I love this trilogy! Hello Chris, nice to meet ya! As for your question... The ending had "Troye's guy" kinda moving/stepping-forward then changing scene to the two boys jumping from the dock. So personally, I think the guy committed suicide. Of course, I could be totally wrong.
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