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  1. Since this discussion began the site has been re-arranged and the link is now: https://castleroland.net/libraries/a-halloween-surprise/
  2. I agree with others. Everything in that Mustard Jar is well worth reading!
  3. I read it sometime ago. I'm a great admirer of Geron Kees and read everything of his I can find.
  4. Excellent stories; I like everything by cynus that I've read and am always thrilled when he posts something.
  5. I can recommend that too. It is the second of a series of three stories https://gayauthors.org/stories/browse/series/the-tampa-chronicles/ I recommend starting with the first.
  6. A brilliant story; if only there were more cats like that ! I once saw the original Cheshire cat; it's carved on the wall of Grappenhall Church, just South of Warrington. Lewis Carroll's father was vicar in a nearby village.
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