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  1. The "we are all immigrants" tag phrase is being used extensively by many prejudiced and hateful people against the First Nations communities in numerous public forums. I respect the extensive research and acknowledge the information being used to expand peoples viewpoints on this theory for the origins of humans in North America. The control of the dominate culture to assimilate the First Nations has been going on for hundreds of years, and the claiming everyone is an immigrant is just another angle. On a similar line of thought by other special interest groups, being gay has been remo
  2. It is a good first step, but beware of the magicians slight of hand. This is something a rallying cry can be built around for many of the Trump supporters and while everyone is focusing on the left hand (and the ban order) the right hand is negating the LGBTQ2 rights. He already did this when he slipped in the cuts to funding of pro-choice and abortion in his first 2 days of office. The announcement was not made until a full day after the fact, and then another executive order had been signed which refocused everyone away from women's rights. This is a well orchestrated process
  3. Cole, I'm a red neck Albertan - and Alberta is known in western Canada as the "red neck province," and we are proud of it. One of our greatest Premiers, Peter Lougheed, stood up to the province of Ontario in the 70's when they demanded a deal on oil prices because they were central Canada. Our red neck Premier's response, which was printed in the headlines of newspapers till this day was "let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark." There is no social stigma applied to the term of endearment unlike other typical applications. My apologies if it confused you. The immigrant c
  4. I'm sorry - but this is the opinion of the dominant culture. The Native Americans were here, and had respect for the land provided by mother earth. There were First Nation civilizations throughout North America which were in many cases socially and culturally years ahead of the now dominate culture. The Europeans came to this land to find gold, wealth and land which could be claimed under their law. No where else in the world where one force conquered another was there ever the claim "they were immigrants too." Your comment is directly proportional in the magnitude to Hitler's claim that
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