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  1. I can see where you are going with this idea (re-freshing older stories), but I would counsel you to exercise caution. Don't be like a certain well-known movie director who tries to re-write a famous science-fiction movie series every few years when he re-releases the films onto yet another format. Leave the story alone, but feel free to clean up the mistakes and poorly-worded passages.
  2. This type of fantasy story is usually not what I would read, but these stories are quite good and fun! I have enjoyed all of them. I got impatient to see what happens next, so finished the story on another site--that's how good it is!
  3. Be even better with the correct information--Derrick plays french horn; Brandon plays the flute! Details, details, details....
  4. Beautiful! According to the comments on the Youtube page, this is Bells of Dawn, poem by Pushkin and music by Sviridov. The soloist is Aleksey Mikhailov and this is Choir of Boys of the Choir School by I.M.I. Glinka (St. Petersburg). I don't read Russian, either, so this is only as correct as the commenters!
  5. Not only talented, but cute--I love that big smile! He apparently comes from a family of performers and from a region of the world that has a long history of producing fine circus performers, so he starts with some advantages that the typical American kid would never have. I don't think Americans celebrate youthful accomplishments the same way some others around the world do. I don't think we have a show anything like "SuperKids". Having kids compete against adults is not the same as giving them their own platform. I think it is more of an attitude. Americans treat talented kids as oddities. The Germans just assumed they would be able to find enough talented kids to make an on-going TV show.
  6. Oh good, most of the loose ends all tied up nice and neat. This is another fine addition to the series. Of course, now I feel as if I should go back and re-read all the others again.
  7. Hmm, if I had known this story was abandoned, I probably would not have started reading it. I am not a big fan of incomplete stories!
  8. Make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened! This story is taking some unexpectedly sharp turns....
  9. Actually, the Golden Portifor was explained in Chapter 10, but that is the only time it has been mentioned so far. I have no idea what the relevance is to the story, but it is a great story anyway, so I will keep on reading! Eventually all will become clear (I hope). I am pretty sure our elven friend showed up in an earlier story (much later chronologically).
  10. The Wayback Machine Internet Archive has snapshots of IOMFATS from as early as 2001. Timmy introduced Michael Arram as a new author to the site in January 2006. Nifty has several of his stories posted throughout 2005, but I suspect IOMFATS was the first curated story site to get him.
  11. I don't want to detract from your poem, but there is a published book entitled "How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization: The true and heroic story of how gay men shaped the modern world" by Cathy Crimmins (published by the Penguin Group with a copyright date of 2004). When I saw the topic in the forum, I couldn't figure out why you would be discussing her book in the Poetry category! Nice to read another take on the idea.
  12. The story is "Second Chance" by David Lee. It is also posted on the Castle Roland site, if you want to read it in a better (more attractive) format than Nifty. https://castleroland.net/story-synop/?id=2000
  13. Yes, this story is also on the Castle Roland site, still posting just one chapter a week. That site indicates two copyright dates (2002 and 2018), which suggests to me that the story was written the same time as the other Driver stories, but never published. And if you do not know what Castle Roland is, then you need to go take a look! It is a growing site of good quality gay fiction with some authors you may know and some that may be new to you. https://castleroland.net/ TomC
  14. I sent Pedro an email while I was locked out of the forums, but I am back in now, so I can share with everyone. I have no relationship with crvboy and have no idea why the stories have been removed, but I can tell you how to find them. The Wayback Machine Internet Archive is a great resource for missing content. This link will take you straight to the crvboy archives: https://web.archive.org/web/*/crvboy.org Choose any of the highlighted dates and that will open up the archived version of the website. Since there are no photos or videos, pretty much the whole site is archived and can be accessed. I chose one at random from 2016 and was able to get into all of the stories I checked, including all the chapters of multi-part stories. I used the Wayback Machine when the Mail Crew website disappeared and was able to not only find the stories I wanted, but also the pdf versions of things like Brew Maxwell's Foley-Mashburn saga. Another point: at least some of the stories on crvboy that are marked as removed for publication are still there on the website, just not linked from the index. Michael's stories may be that way, too. The crvboy page naming structure is fairly simple and obvious, so it is possible the stories are still there and just need to be found. Hope this helps you out! Tom
  15. I am having so much fun reading this story (as I do all of Joel's stories). Poor Jamie doesn't quite know what all is going on around him, but he knows some of it must be important! Having to translate some of the dialog from Scottish and English into American sometimes forces me to slow down and pay more attention, but that is a good thing. Meeting many of the boys from Flip's Tale as their younger selves is adding to the enjoyment of both stories.
  16. I have had entirely too much time on my hands recently and have frittered away the hours exploring many of the story sites. I have re-read all of my favorites, and have discovered some new gems hidden away among the not-quite-gems. If I remember some of the better ones, I will try to post the links in appropriate places.
  17. I have had some extra time recently and have been re-reading some of my favorite stories. I was reading "William" by Paul Jamison last week. At the end of chapter 25, there are two black boxes on top of the text, completely blocking what is underneath. Those boxes show up in both Firefox and Chrome. I went over to IOMFATS to read what I was missing here. Apparently, those boxes are supposed to be pictures and the text should have wrapped around them. You might want to take a look some time. Thanks!
  18. I replied directly to Cole, but he encouraged me to join up and actually participate in these forums, so here I am! Sequoyah does have an extended kidnap/rescue scene in one of his stories, but I don't think it is what the OP is looking for. I am fairly certain the story in question is "A Halloween Surprise" by Driver, winner of the 2015 Halloween contest over on Castle Roland. Find the story here: http://castleroland.net/library/chapter/crfse/h2015/h2015_ahs
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