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  1. OK, its a big pool. So where is the pool boy? Eh? Eh?
  2. What's amazing to me is that small hands do not accommodate easily to full-size instruments, and that raises the bar even further.
  3. Outstanding. The Boy is dancer Cody Bingham. He was 14 when he made this video.
  4. My hands prefer paper, but my eyes demand adjustable screen typefaces.
  5. Like Cole said, perfect ending. Loved the kitchen.
  6. Whoa, a truly awesome list.
  7. Absolutely! Nothing cozy about those mysteries. When I was a kid I wanted to be a detective like Nero Wolfe until I discovered how hard it was to grow orchids.
  8. Who knew, Emu? Be wary of the emu vicious beyond belief, exceeded only by his cousin the cass for causing grief. If you’re bent to hang about with some such flightless fury be sure to wear protective gear and serve him lots of curry, for curry soothes the brutal bird by purging all his pipes and core and leaving, for the mo at least, a friendly chum with a heart that’s pure-- tho he soon reverts to savage beast plugged anew, about to burst his pants from eating all those goddam ants.
  9. If you've ever been "beaked" by a goose or a duck, you won't be quite so casual about baring parts of your body to an emu...
  10. Thanks for the link to the free library, James K. They have some non-terrifying gay novels too but you have to search them out. The trick is to find one such possibility, click on it, then others are suggested. I'm currently reading one, "Red, White, and Royal Blue", a bizarro novel about a budding romance between a U.S. President's son and a royal British prince.
  11. As we all know, "Cole Parker" is actually a pseudonym for a ten-man writing team, and one of them is Robbie Rogers.
  12. ‘A new short story, "Another World," will be posted on Wednesday. Since it's somewhat different from what I have attempted before, I'll be interested in reactions. Alan’ I've been sitting out here in the woodlot since the weekend, Alan, and so far nothing.
  13. I think reexamining and perhaps rewriting early work is good for the soul. Cleans up those nasty unseen errors and hastily-sought expressions. However, changing the outcome of a story is perhaps a job for a sequel, rather than a ‘do over’. After all, once a writer has put a story out there, it truly has a life of its own. No small thing.
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