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  1. Merkin


    Kismet is up to chapter 7. The author, Lambodara, posts regularly, presents rounded and believable characters, and takes the tale in an unexpected direction that is quite satisfying. Although it slips now and then into Nifty style stroke material, Kismet is well-written around what appears to be a thoroughly planned-out unfolding that gets better and better.
  2. Loving the 'angst-o-meter'. I've already sent off to Amazon for one, and I plan to try it out over on Gay Authors...
  3. ‘This is something that just can’t be understood…’ Right on.
  4. If you do much sashaying in a U.S. bar in the hopes of scoring, you are more likely to get shot down than shot.
  5. And China Boat was most wonderful: http://www.awesomedude.com/douglas/china-boat/index.htm Looking forward to your new one, Douglas.
  6. …or a toe in the eye. Conventions vary, but in my youth it was customary in my region of the country to tuck two non-connubial house guests into the same bed by having them sleep head to foot. This could not have guaranteed sweet dreams for either.
  7. 'James needs to learn more about the historical honour of living with a cat...' No, thanks. I'll continue to admire the lifestyle from afar.
  8. When I first read this wonderful tale back in 2004 the tv series Get Smart was still current enough in memory to provide a resonant backdrop to the zany antics of two sophomoric gay love puppies in pursuit of two canny senior big dawgs. In “Control and Chaos” David Buffet, himself a school teacher, writes about barely-believable high school rites of passage for hormone–driven gay students, but his depiction of these four is so creative, so well wrought and charming, and so hilarious it led me to reread it several times over. Everything works: the dialogue is delicious, the settings are convincing, and the boys themselves are works of art. Thanks, Mike, for bringing this back to our attention. http://www.awesomedude.com/davidbuffet/control_and_kaos/index.htm
  9. For those readers, like Camy, with too much time on their hands: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.ponos.battlecatsen&hl=en&gl=us
  10. Merkin

    AD on Hiatus

    Very best wishes, Mike.
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