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  1. Merkin


    So glad to see Colin back onboard with Chapters 9 and 10 updates to "Adam". The story so far is a great read and I'm looking forward to more as the mystery unwinds.
  2. Merkin


    I want to laugh, but then I remember how enraged I am.
  3. Well worth the read, Talo. Thanks for drawing it to my attention. I am by nature a 'glass half-empty' chap, but in the present day I see the glass as lying on its side.
  4. No luck. Sorry, Cole. Could you act it out for me?
  5. Your link takes me to a window to sign up for GMail. What's up, Cole?
  6. A Canterbury Tale is a great choice to kick-off this new series, Mike. Free Thinker was among a handful of other excellent writers who introduced me to the possibility that there could be quality gay fiction published online, and I am so pleased that he is willing to revisit for us what was already a wonderful story,
  7. Wait, Ivor, we do Christmas cookies--or is that Christmas biscuits? Crackers, I'm confused!
  8. That's the kind of foreshadowing I like to see. Books 2 AND 3. Woohoo! Bring it on, Nigel.
  9. What education? All they seem to be teaching in that Texas school is conformity to some asshat's notion of standards.
  10. Great art inspires great art. Thanks, James.
  11. After a long delay, Driver has added a new chapter to "Jack in the Box" and the impression I get from it is that we are getting close to the end of this saga. That's always a dangerous assumption with any of Driver's stories, and if you are a fan of his work you already know that he is knitting a universe of interrelated titles. So if your preference for online reading is to wait until a story posts its final chapter you may have a long wait indeed, but for those readers who enjoy catching up on Driver's insights and thoughts on the human condition this is a rare opportunity. http://www.stor
  12. Depression and despair are a terrible burden, especially for a young boy in an era when "feelings" were suspect. Alan's fine story gets at the true meaning of friendship.
  13. I just want to say how much I am enjoying “Living With Johnny” by Nigel. Not only is it filled with great characters, each one unique and each compelling the reader to get involved in his or her particular issues and difficulties, but the story is also constructed around multiple plot lines, intertwined so skillfully our attention is constantly challenged. At present there are so many balls in the air I am quite dizzy. I fully expect the main character to crack from the pressure of the responsibilities he has taken onto himself to ensure a safe and secure outcome not only for his own family
  14. Music is still the international common language, thank goodness.
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