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  1. Merkin

    AD on Hiatus

    Very best wishes, Mike.
  2. Great news, Nigel. Thank you for the update.
  3. Is this a caption contest? I don't have any to suggest at the moment but I'm wondering if the teacher can get an accurate temp. reading through that magnificent head of hair...
  4. Thanks, guys. I credit Mihangel for the inspiration. He always gave us wonderful bits of poetry to mull over with each of his stories.
  5. Agreed. Every story Mihangel wrote is heartfelt and exquisite. Upon Reading Mihangel's Those Old Gods The old god saw our hearts' desire: our love, or lust, or art, or dire deeds done; all known. We had his nod when we believed, and showed the god our noble aim. Our only thought, the honesty of love. We sought to venerate, and hoped to gain his approval and acclaim. But we forgot. An aeon's toll has taken our knowledge of his ways. We live forsaken. We are no more protected: we've left our heritage, and thus bereft we may no longer call for aid-- unti
  6. An apt introduction to Chapter 3.
  7. Melville is well known for his tendency to bare all.
  8. Chapter 2, and who could have predicted it? Cole just keeps on stirring that fiction-laden brain of his and before you know it he’s cooking up a revolution. Although I can’t say I’d like to do a belly-flop into the school pool with all my bits dangling. I would probably have enjoyed reading Melville in the nude. I sure didn’t while fully clothed.
  9. Well, that's one hidden content I wish I'd never clicked on.
  10. No, no, no, don't delete the image. First good laugh this week.
  11. Ahh, I do remember the smell of my rural countryside, Pennsylvania in the spring, when farmers spread their fields with the bounty of manure--cow, pig, chicken--they had been saving up all winter. That was the balance of Nature that I learned about as a kid. Don't drive country roads with your windows open in the spring. As awful as it was I have to say I miss it.
  12. What an exquisitely complex plot! I am having to make lists of characters. Keep it coming, Nigel.
  13. Merkin

    Graeme again

    Just don't put your car keys in the refrigerator and your eggs in your pocket.
  14. "Oliver" is a SCARY Cole Parker short story. You still should read it.
  15. Check out a new story “Cade’s Way” over on Nifty by Joshua Elston, a writer I don’t know much about yet but now I’ll be sure to watch out for his work. The tale is complete (I think) in this single installment and it is the most beautiful rendition of the moment of gay realization and coming out that I’ve run across in a long long time. If you are as moved by it as I was please let the author know; his is a talent that deserves encouragement. https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/highschool/cades-way James Merkin
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