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  1. I should really let Rutabaga speak for himself, but as I read his post he was simply saying he was confused because he had already read Chapter 14 when it was posted as Chapter 13.
  2. Altemexis may have a valid point in normal circumstances. However, this story is being written from two points of view and it so happened that Chapter 13 was Daniel's and Chapter 14 Robin's. Consequently, unlike a normal story where missing a chapter would cause considerable head scratching for readers, in this instance it didn't cause that much of a problem.
  3. Is Robin going to get a real Foster father?πŸ™‚
  4. This is off to an excellent and entertaining start. It will be interesting to see how the various relationships develop as Johnny's arrival changes what was the norm.
  5. I happened to come across this shortly after reading the story. Could it be 'The Revenger of the Nerds'?
  6. Interesting to stumble across this same story back in 2018 with a different author! http://www.awesomedude.com/kewl-dad/the-secret-life-of-nerds/the-secret-life-of-nerds.htm
  7. Post deleted
  8. Rather than say anything publicly, I did send a PM to the person in question, saying that the AD site appeared to be functioning normally and there was no indication of the owner being ill. Interestingly (perhaps) I have had no response to that message.
  9. Something certainly needed refreshing!! 😁
  10. Dang! I was convinced you'd fully researched this story... 😁
  11. This story by Geron Kees is a homage to the Hardy Boys stories. https://gayauthors.org/story/geron-kees/the-house-of-storms/
  12. I'll second that Nigel - and especially you mentioning Ren as being one of your favourite stories. It is definitely one that sticks clearly in my memory bank.
  13. I posted this review after the final chapter of the story appeared at GA: Do not be fooled, as I nearly was, by the opening couple of chapters of this story. You could easily be misled into thinking it is a guidebook to Ravello and its environs such is the detail provided by the author. Indeed I suspect it could easily be used as such. However, it then develops into a complex story of how a young teen (Gianni) who has recently been orphaned, is transported to live with grandparents who he has never met. The culture change from London to southern Italy is dramatic. His grandparents an
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