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  1. Proving the old saying - "You should always be wary of a casso" 🐦
  2. I can see he would offer something in certain areas Cole, but in all honesty Brendan Rogers would probably be better as a soccer advisor.⚽
  3. Hate to say it, but I thought the better team won.😞
  4. Ivor Slipper


    Last chapter posted yesterday. Guess I should have expected that ending...
  5. I did recommend this earlier in the month, but in the 'Reader's Rule' section. Good to see someone else shares my views on the story.
  6. I'd say you'd be about right there, Cole.😁
  7. I'd say you'd be about right there, Cole.
  8. Rick Ernst is a plumber with a secret, one that he is scared the people who know him in Eagle Lake, Wisconsin, may discover. This very well written story of 36 chapters, which were released weekly, has just completed at Gay Authors. Possibly it gets off to a slow start, but like any good piece of music soon has you hooked before leading to a rousing conclusion. Double Concerto - Fiction - Gay Authors
  9. Can't understand how 'Ren' has stayed under the radar as I think it is one of Cole's best.
  10. You could have a whale of a time doing that!
  11. Thanks, guys. I have noticed that the price of my Kleenex shares has risen over the last couple of days. 😀 Seriously though, appreciate the comments. Glad to know the plot worked for you.
  12. tells a story, or so it is said. Finding this picture evokes memories for Tim of the two most important people in his life. But you'll need to read the story to discover more because the picture won't tell it all.
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