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  1. This new story is due to be posted tomorrow, Dec. 16. It tells the story of a gay schoolteacher finally coming out to himself and others thanks to one of his students.
  2. A new short story, entitled "The Turtle" will be posted on Wednesday. It involves a runaway and a boy who befriends him. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. A new story, A Boy Called Joe will be posted beginning this weekend. A very depressed boy is helped by the boy on a neighboring farm.
  4. A wonderful, heartfelt story. I had no problem with the spot people are arguing about. I did notice that Jed's name occasionally became Jeb, but the meaning was always clear. Thanks for the story, Cole!
  5. The sequel to The Triumvirate, which is titled The Knights of the Round Table, will be posted on Saturday. It has many of the same characters in it, but is told from Teddy's viewpoint rather than Liam's.
  6. Coming Saturday, the 26th, The Triumvirate, a three-part story about boys who are reeled in by a young predator. Enjoy!
  7. Thank you, gentlemen, for your kind words. I like the quote from Neil Gaiman, Altimexis.
  8. I have a new short story coming, "Great-Uncle Alexander. I hope you enjoy it.
  9. One of Cole's gifts is his ability to see into the inner lives of his characters. He does it masterfully in this story. Thanks Cole!
  10. Alan Dwight


    What a wonderful story. Beautifully thought out and written. It shows how boys at their best can change the world. A must read!
  11. Thank you all for writing. Actually, there was a lot in the story which was quite real. Alitmexis, you might be interested to know that I began my teaching career as the only male teacher in the elementary school. It was a bit lonely at first. Later I moved to a school that was pre-K through 9th grade so there were several male teachers.
  12. Hi folks, Just wanted to let you know that my newest short story, "The Dreamer," will be posted tomorrow. For those of you who have noted that several of my stories involve hospitals and doctors, I can assure you that neither will be in this story. Happy read. Alan Dwight
  13. My latest shortish story, "One Step at a Time," will be up and running on Wednesday. Hope you enjoy it. Alan
  14. These interconnected stories are a great read. While they are four separate stories, the characters all have some things in common. I enjoyed them all.
  15. I have written a new short story entitled "Seeing Double." It involves twins, and it's much lighter in tone than my last posted story. "Seeing Double" will be posted on Wednesday. Enjoy! Alan
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