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  1. Volume Four in the Kaiser series will begin to post on May 1. Team Kaiser’s therapy work continues as Jerrod and Roger, along with their circle of friends, prepare for college... and Matt becomes a member of the Pack.
  2. We Could Be Heroes is Volume 2 in the Revelation and Redemption series, chronicling the relationship and lives of David and Jackson. A Friend of the Devil ended after the Harvest Festival in October of 1977, and Heroes pickups up right there and moves on through the school year. Many interesting experiences ahead with Will, Lois and Gary, Susan and Ellen, not the least of which is Jackson's eighteenth birthday on October 26!
  3. Very well written with all the characteristics of a great short story. My message to Alan was one sentence: "I shed some tears last night!"
  4. Cole, Talo and Camy are spot on in what they say about Mihangel as a person and about his writing. No one should miss all of his writings, and across the breadth you'll get a lesson not just in love and humanity, but also in good writing, history, philosophy, Wales, and on and on. His personal attributes come through in his writing, and he spent years before his recent cessation of correspondence responding to messages from fans. And not just a quick 'thank you!,' but substantive ones full of help and suggestions. He got me through a couple of my own personal crises, and encouraged me to write as well--I think he'd be pleased (finally!) with the result that Awesome Dude just began to serialize. One personal antecdote about Mihangel as a person. He loved classical and choral music, and had little time for rock and roll. He also loved poetry, especially poetry about his beloved Wales. We were exchanging poetry, and I sent him some poetry by Robert Hunter (just recently deceased), and finally an an email or two later had to fess up that they were not written as poems, but as lyrics for Grateful Dead songs! He was nonplussed and commended them as terrific poetry. Then, inspired by them, he wrote a story using Hunter's lyrics as illustrations, and dedicated it to me! Pretty wild story, but representative of the man. You'll find Not Understood in the Mihangel collection.
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