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  1. The one where everyone just want to cut taxes and impose evangelism on everyone? Or is that another tea party? Hmmmm....
  2. So this book goes into my 'boarding school obsession' phase circa five years ago Seriously, I can relate to most of the stuff happened in the book. Being a student in an catholic, all-boy school (alas, not a boarding one). We even have monks running the show! Anyway, for those of you who likes light, sweet, innocent gay-first-love-and-all-the-jazz story, I recommend this. Sometimes, I wished I had boarded in one of these schools in the UK
  3. I don't think I could ever do this...I don't really like heights and flying in a plane terriefies me :( That being said, this one goes into one of the things I gotta do before I die! :)
  4. OMG!! This is SOOOOO BAD!! lol! But yeah, there is NO way I'd date a religious nut. BTW when I was growing up, I think Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) was hot :) Too bad he went to the dark side and became stupid (anti-evolution? come on!) :
  5. What about: Which is my favorite btw
  6. :lol: Has the author ever discussed this kinda bad sex with a lesbian? The "green dildo" stuff lol-ed me As for me, I like my sex in fiction hard and possibly a bit rough
  7. J*s*s! I was thinking some weird asian delicacy where they cook kittens on pot I've actually seen grilled dogs in asia
  8. you put it nicely! that was what I thought too.
  9. LOL! Seriously tho, those people who are adamant that BO couldn't be US President because he wasn't a 'natural-born' citizen are loonies... Suppose he wasn't born in the US? But he's the child 'naturally born' by US citizen (his mom). Of course I'm under the impression that US uses ius sanguinis (bloodline right) and ius soli (place-of-birth right). My own cuntry for example (Indonesia) uses ius sanguinis and the citizenship of the father (assuming he is indentifiable of course)
  10. I was too, until I read how distraught Charles was when his deputy walked into his office. Remember that was when the deputy brought the news of the HOV destroyed (among other things). Charles was bleeding. If I remember rightly, he pretty much hurt himself. Is it not possible that was suffering from disunion? I only know another couple. Alexander & Loran. Loran went mad. Charles went masochistic probably. It was him too who said that most Icarian prefer death to disunion All this still don't answer why Charles backed Jamie up. Probably he wanted to become the new Icarian Chief of Secret Police? But he knows when Jamie got his memory back, Jamie would remember. So...what's in it for Charles? And Jamie, if you read this. Don't kill Charles please
  11. I think that was what Jamie wrote me after my complaints. That all the deaths happened for a reason. But still, when you get into the stories and into the characters and then they're, well, killed off....it's just sad I'm really interested to know what will happened to Charles tho, never guessed that he was Chief of Secret Police That the whole Red-and-Black legion was the Secret Police. What was his name...Jonathan? Charles' brother. The one that is blind in the present of light and can see only in the dark. Wonder what Jamie will tell him if he proceed to kill Charles. Pretty sad tho. I went back reading the stories and read about their adventures and camaraderie together. And who was that young Icarian whose HOV was shot after the meeting with Croal? Charles' mate? And when will Jamie start posting again?
  12. I have always been a fan of The Scrolls, back to 2004 (I think) when it was first published here. As I re-read some of the older chapters, it dawned on me that this story is a bloodbath in the making. The particularly gruesome death of Luc and the untimely death of Damien were pretty devastating for me. Especially since I really like Luc. I think I remonstrated to Jamie about their deaths, but I forgot his response. Overall this one is a gem... Although, I shudder to think who is going to die next & in what manner.
  13. That really is a heroic deed I'm thoroughly ashamed to say that I don't know what I will do if I were Phantom... (rad you coward! )
  14. I'm pretty sure I can call myself as having artistic capability When I was a kid and all through High School, I drew the best in my class. And if not the best then second best. It was never a problem to me to create drawings. I remember people telling me that I should go to an art school and become a painter or something like that. Of course, that's not something my parents would tolerate Because of the "Starving Artist" and all that... I wanted to became an architect. Drawing and designing buildings. Not good enough... I ended up being an IT/Computer Scientist... Oh well, not bad. Especially since now I'm doing postgraduate courses. That's is why I can say that I have artistic capability but will never be an artist
  15. If it's german I may be of help What about someone translates from spanish into german & then I can translate form german into english?
  16. Yes I think it's a good move. If you post what you look like, and you're not a male model or gay porn star ( ) Then those who want to know you are: a. don't care at all about how you look like, just wanna be friends b. do care and they think your good looking So yeah, that's why I think you should post it. Most vote for Not Sure. But I say, give it a chance... After all they already wrote you...so why not? Just my $0.02
  17. OMG Wibby! I'm soooo sorry about your relative... (eventhough I wonder how tasty is racoon meat ) stay out of Detroit!
  18. But I thought the pics are okay I mean, the men definitely didn't object to being photographed. I mean, I odn't know why you said you're dissappointed
  19. YAY! Wibby is having secret meetin with Obama discussing Gay (Animal) Rights
  20. Much thanks for the info. I'm opting out
  21. Blowjob master card ? Saw that & it IS funny, lol!
  22. This is indeed touching .... it goes to show that the little things we do for others, might have big consequences. both good or bad I found myself smiling when I read this story. It would be good though if this becomes a gay-love story! ANybody? Please create one
  23. lol! The scent of meat Probably those who wear this fragrannce would have to worry about visiting zoos :lol: Hmmm...meat! --> says the tiger
  24. Bad Des! Don't you take off your fur before dipping?? Where's your manners??
  25. Turned gay after rear-end collision <-- LOL! A 27-year-old man from Michigan was involved in a rear-end collision. Four years later, he sued the owners of the truck that was responsible for the accident. Having suffered minor injuries, he stated that from then on, his sexual relationship with his wife deteriorated, as he was unable to maintain their sex life. He claimed that he had been so affected by the crash that his personality had been forever changed. In fact, he maintained that the accident turned him into a homosexual. He left his wife, moved in with his parents, began hanging out in gay bars, and became a fervent reader of gay literature. He won his case and was awarded $200,000, while his wife received $25,000. http://www.lawsuit.no/gay.html SOMEBODY PLEASE[ rear-end me!
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