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  1. Now that Nick's back from vacation: There once was a student named Nick Who had such a talented dick He wrote in to Lettermen That there was no better man To feature on Silly Dick Tricks?.. Ben Dover
  2. Not bad, dude! You've come a long way from St. Louis, but baby you've still got a long way to go! Dedicated to Gavin: Frisco has a great mayor named Newsom Who -asked about gays- said he knew some And after scratching his head Said he thought they could wed But the high court just thought it too gruesome Ben Dover
  3. Oh Blue! that was FABULOUS. There is hope for you, girl! There was a young fellow named Taylor Who seduced a respectable sailor. When they put him in jail, He worked out the bail, By doing the same for the jailer. Ben Dover
  4. There was a young Lad of Nantucket Whose prick was so long he could suck it. He said with a grin, As he wiped off his chin, "If my ear was a butt I could fuck it." :roll:
  5. I wanted to post this at the Poets' Corner but feared for my life! There was a pansy of Khartoum Who took a lesbian up to his room They argued all night Over who had the right To do what and with which and to whom Sweet Nickee has NO appreciation for the fine art of the limerick! How about you? Benjamin Q. Dover
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