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  1. To go back to what I suggested earlier, maybe there should be a separate forum section that will allow us to have more in-depth and thoughtful discussions about the issues raised in response to my original respose here. The points raised by The Pecman may warrant further discussion that may interest others. There may be other issues that we may want to raise and discuss. For example, I read glbt stories or columns, there are quite a few activists in our community who were so outraged that there were so many in the glbt community who voted for Bush or could be Republicans. I may not b
  2. I read about that research cited by Cole. Of course, this is not just limited to words, a similar One thing that I am aware I do quite a lot, becauset I type slower than what comes to mind, quite often, there are words "missing" from what I had in mind and what I wrote. Many good authors always credit their copy editor(s) who may pick up on what had been missed, or improperly constructed. What then is the use of correct spelling and grammar, especially in a world where we have automated spell checkers? Unless the errors are attempts to provide authenticity -- character's age, backgr
  3. Hi Cole (or one of the Admins), When I responded to this post, I did not expect that there would be quite a few very provocative responses. I wanted to respond further to the points raised by The Pecman, Trab, Des, Richard as well as those related to your perspective on the matter. The Pecman raised a very valid question that needs to be addressed. It is consistent with questions I been preoccupied with since I became a US citizen. Legally, I am an American, Asian-American (Filipino-American to be more precise). But, am I accepted as an American by "mainstream Americans"? What is Am
  4. Perhaps a partial response to Cole's point: A more apt example might be Arthur Rimbaud's poetry, defying all conventions of his time. It was a literary pursuit that had the life of a wildfire -- the brashness, vulgarity and fierceness of youth that was then extinguished (or more correctly abandoned) as fast as the passion had begun. Were it not for the devotion of his sister, and more so by the fanatic campaign launched by his lover (Paul Verlaine), Rimbaud's poetry might have perished in time. Instead, Rimbaud's poetry is considered to be the source inspiration of many poets, writers and
  5. There are greater blunders than spelling and grammar Correct spelling and grammar must be observed when appropriate, especially in essay. However, the narrative in story telling has greater needs -- authenticity of the characters and the period described by the narrative. Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is an effective model where "incorrect spelling and grammar" have to be integral part of the narrative to achieve authenticity. While I am not an expert of British idioms, colloquialisms, dialects and such, I believe Mike Arram attempted to capture aunthenticity for
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