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  1. Tim

    alpha dog

    Not really....just a powerful magnet! Tim
  2. This is a song written by Codey at CW and Camy wrote the music. Here's Camy and his group playing it live at one of their gigs. Tim
  3. Looks like a USAF C130 Hercules to me. Tim
  4. LMAO!! Boy!! That sure brings back pleasant memories! Well, pleasant for everyone but Dude. LOL Second best house warming party I've ever been to. Tim
  5. I’ll never forget a conversation I had at fourteen with my parents when my Dad said something to me that I’ll never forget and will pass on to Mark, JC and any other kids we have: “We are all either the beneficiaries or victims of choices we make in our lives. It’s our place, as parents, to offer unconditional love to our children but unconditional love does not mean unconditional approval or unconditional acceptance of the choices you make. You, your brother and sister will always have our love, no matter what, but will not always have our approval of your choices. The greatest lesson we, as parents, can teach you is that you must accept the consequences of the decisions you have made. Those consequences may also affect our lives but will never affect our love for the three of you.” I don’t envy you and David, Richard. You’re at a defining moment with this boy but also with your younger foster son and don’t think for a moment that he isn’t watching and learning about how you respond to the older boy’s dilemma. If Carl sees you standing by the fifteen year old out of love, he’ll feel reassured of your love for him also. It’s important for both boys to see and feel the love that you show but also see that you don’t condone the actions of the fifteen year old. Good Luck! Tim
  6. I've used MS Office Lite (the portable version) 2007 since starting Law School because it's not a resource hog like the installed version and Open Office. With my new job, however, I need to use excel and excel 2007 is very confusing. Luckily, I have a friend who gave me a copy of MS Office 2003 where excel is much more intuitive and now I use it exclusively. Tim
  7. I'm not surprised that Codey liked the title "Definitions" because that seems to be the theme in this story. It's about defining ourselves and others as well as others defining themselves and us. Back in the early days of CW, I was a hater of reading (still am for the most part) and am sure that this was one of those stories that Codey told me I had to read. Whenever he came across a story he really liked he'd try making me read it. He'd keep bugging me "have you read it yet, have you read it yet?" over and over until I'd finally give him one of my two stock answers. I would either say "yes" or I'd say say "sooner or later". Codey felt strongly that the first step to acceptance was defining ourselves. This definition, we give ourselves, defines what we can accept and remain true to ourselves. Our self-definition sets the parameters for the relationships we have with those around us. I have always had a need to assert my independence when under pressure from others. My self-definition, and love for him, would not allow me to lie to Codey and tell him I'd read something when I hadn't so "sooner or later" was my way of saying "no, and I'm not going to". In turn, Codey's self-definition and love for me let him accept my non-commital "sooner or later" and the matter would be dropped...at least until the next story I "had to read" came along. What's this got to do with Des' great little story? Beats the Hell out of me! I guess today's my day to ramble. Tim
  8. Congratulations, Mike, authors, members and lurkers. It takes many different people to make Awesomedude an awesome site! Tim and Codey's World Staff and members
  9. What is needed is to revise all those stupid zero tolorance rules school districts have been putting in place. Sounds good on first glance until you're the victim of bullying and fight back to protect yourself. You find tourself and the bully suspended because "zero tolorance means zero tolorance". This is exactly what happened to Codey who physically fought back against a physical attack and to my brother who stepped in to defend Codey. They both recieved the same punishment as the attacker who was proud of his suspension...it's a badge of honor for ppl like him. I guess, unless you're an adult, your right to defend yourself or some other innocent party simply disappears. Tim
  10. Good guess...I actually do have IE6 and use it regularly. As far as needing java help, I'm pretty good there too. I make a damn good pot nearly every morning. I'd guess it's the Brits that need help with thier java since they're so into the whole tea thing. Tim
  11. Unfortunatly, it tells me my browser isn't supported and since I have no desire to load a second browser it's another perfect excuse to not bother learning to do html! LMAO Tim
  12. Cole, you didn't say what kind of computer your friend is using. It's important and if he's/she's using a laptop with a built-in mic, he/she will have to make sure the built-in mic is turned off and the option for external mic selected. They can do this by right clicking the speaker symbol in the tray and choose adjust audio properties. Tim
  13. @Ben....sometimes not saying something negative is a parent's way of being encouraging or at least showing they understand. Tim
  14. Try Codey's way...name your good characters after ppl you like and evil characters after ppl you don't like. LOL Tim
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