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  1. I read it al while ago, and it sure is a good read. Despite some disaster and mistakes, it was a feel good story to enjoy.
  2. Scary, and happy it never happened to me. 😉
  3. I like how this is developing, together with David himself. Hate the cliff hangers though. 😉 Well done again, Cole. For me, you always find the right pace, not too fast, not too slow. I like the flow, the development. Ok, I admit, the cliff hangers too. 🙂
  4. Oliver

    AD on Hiatus

    See you soon, Mike!
  5. Nice collage of short story-cul-de-sac's, Cole, 5 feel-good's! Must agree to Merkin, "Recovery" screems for a sequel.... 🙂
  6. That was a good ending. Quick and sudden, but good. Thank you, Cole!
  7. Well, you succeded. 🙂 Please do not be mad if I will try that technique in one of my stories, sometimes.
  8. What I find disturbing about the multiple first-person narration is that Cole is capable of misuse that to pull a cliff hanger over the next chapter to the one after that. Make that annoying. I want to know about the interview between Robin and Daryl! Well done Cole, really well done. I like what you do here. I am using the word "annoying" with joy! 🙂
  9. It sure is! I hope it will develop wit the same level of witty humour in it.
  10. In the case of Cole's stories: I like to be hooked. 🙂
  11. That what I like about narrators in Cole's stories. They got a witty way of fixing things. And they got humour. As does Cole. Thanks again for a new wunderful story, Cole!
  12. Thank you Cole, I love stories that end happy!
  13. And I know exactly how that will be, when Cole wrote it. Well written list of starters and main courts. Dessert: "You'll see...." 😋
  14. You're bad. 🙂 But the same here. Strangely enough I love it when people hate me for that. 😀 I like where your story is going. Storywise. Hate my fear for what Ricco is up to though. Thanks a lot, Cole!
  15. You're absolutely right, Cole! While reading i sometimes forget the time it plays in, but the anxiety in those years about "being a homosexual" gets you when you realise the story plays in the 1950's.
  16. Very sad news. Wish you all the strenght you need Addym, and to all that were near.
  17. I've never read it, but did that now, yesterday evening and night, and finshed this morning. What. A. Great. Moving. Story. Thank you for bringing it to my attention as one of the Dude's picks. Be proud, FreeThinker. 😉
  18. Loevely ending indeed! Thank you Cole!
  19. Nice last chapter with some wise lessons from Jake. Looking forward to the sequel! 🙂
  20. It's a great story Alan! The first chapter grabbed me, but after that you grow with the development of Tyler. Oliver
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