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  1. A difficult call. On the one hand their behaviour is outrageous - both the assistant you dealt with, and designing a user interface with a white on white button. On the other hand they're trying to raise money for charity. Hmm. In the UK we have the 'Trading Standards' a governmental authority. They might give them a slap on the wrist and a fine... or not.

    I'd write to the CEO, and use social media to embarrass them into putting a clearly visible 'opt out' button on the screen.


    Where's your Halloween Story, Jason? Post it, do! Like James has, in the Flash Fiction forum. Go on... We're waiting....

  2. On 3/19/2019 at 10:46 PM, Jason Rimbaud said:

    Sadly, I'm a kid thats big in the belly....


    Noooo! Pregnant again! I warned you about that, Jason.

    As for the film: I thought it good, but a tad long. Also, I don't think DC films generally are as good as Marvel's MCU. Stan Lee ROCKS! Or, sadly, rocked.

    I can't wait to see Avengers Endgame! (Picture an emu drooling).

  3. Community is as you find it....


    I might quibble with this statement you wrote: I have found in my travels, the “gay community at large” are shallow, promiscuous, addicts, that are too self absorbed to be good friends much less good human beings.

    It entirely depends where you are in life, and what your personal proclivities are. True, there are shallow promiscuous 'scenes' like clubbing and cruising, but I don't believe you're less likely to find your soulmate there than you are in your local supermarket.

    I think it's down to kismet. Some of us live charmed lives... others have a harder time of it.

  4. Maddy, it's good, and bits of it are really good - like his hair, his jaw and mouth, his ears, and the shadowing you've got going to the left. You've got bits of it absolutely perfectly, yet other bits are not quite right (left eye ridge, the spacing of the eyes, and the right breast compared to the left).

    I'm trying to teach myself to draw! I'm kinda jealous of my sister, who teaches art and does amazing things with watercolour - so I thought that, at the very least, I should be able to draw. Damn me, it's difficult!

    So I'm using this site: www.drawing-tutorials-online.com run by a guy called Matthew Archambault (who teaches at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan). One day, maybe I'll put up a drawing, too... one day. ;)

    By the way, I really like your ident picture. I assume you painted it... so can you post it larger, please? :smile:

  5. I have an old G5 that runs my studio. Sadly, because it's PPC and not Intel, I can't update the OS anymore (past Leopard), and can't use the latest browsers, and can't... bloody built in obsolescence should be banned by law. I mean to say, blimey! Umm... oh yes. Needless to say I don't spend a lot of time having cute blue shirted Apple techs fixing my kit. So, what's it like then, really? ;)

  6. In the U.K. the 18th is sucking your thumb appreciation day - a panacea for those of us not limber enough to suck what we really want to. ;)

    23rd. What is this curling of which you write? A synonym for spooning? We like Spooning: especially with tea spoons, which make it all the harder. Those that use table spoons are wusses, and ladles are cheating.

    Finally, sad to say, your dates are all wrong. The day comes first, then the month and then the year. It's obvious. And as English originated in England, compulsory. Standing in the corner for an hour is the official punishment for those who mis-date.

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