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Status Updates posted by Camy

  1. Status? Yes please.

  2. Oh, follow me will you... then back at you with knobs on! :tongue: Where on earth have you been this last eon?

    1. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      I’ve been working and living with a boy named N

    2. Camy


      N. What a very sensible initial.

    3. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      He's a very sensible fella

  3. On my mind? Squark.

  4. Yo Camy! It has been awhile. How goes everything on your side of the pond?

  5. Of course! Haha. Gotta love the Japanese :P.

  6. Bahaha. Much too awesome :D.

  7. Thanks, Maddy! :)

  8. You should update your site URL (:.

  9. we're all related somewhere down the line ... possibly.

  10. Why does your personal pic remind me of my personal pic? Are we related?

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