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  1. Thanks for the feedback y'all I'm three chapters into a serial and I realised I haven't actually described the main protagonist other than in passing. Other minor characters yes, him no... It seems to flow and work ok though, so I guess I'll ... sleep on it Camy
  2. A quick question. What do you all think about character description. Is it important to describe characters in detail as soon as they are introduced, or do you think it's ok to build the character in your own head, learning bits as time goes on? Cheers all Camy
  3. He was a wonderful character, and I used to watch his programmes avidly. Odd that he should get killed by a Stingray. I was sure it would be a Crocodile that would finish him off. Inevitable, but sad nonetheless. Camy
  4. Racoons aren't good with money. In one post he's charging in pounds sterling (?) in this one he's converted to euro's (?) and yet he lives in the US. Odd or what?erm - just saying is all, don't want any grief or a mess by the dustbins.Camy
  5. It's nice to finally be in the know. Onto another topic before I inadvertently insult anyone elses emoticon thingy I notice there is a blog link now - does this mean???!!!
  6. Camy


    I began to write a crit last night and then read back what I'd written and deleted it. meaningless claptrap. Anyway, because I was so blown away by 'Abstention Proclamation' and 'I found myself on a dirt road' I thought I ought to tell you, and leave it at that for now. Camy
  7. Woot! um ... yeah, wicked board Dude! I like the new smilies too, though why 'cool' has long green hair and a flower I don't understand, geek has turned into a mentally deranged Rastafari and what is a cat supposed to signify? Camy
  8. Dichotomy 1 Back, back I say to the cat who's after my dinner She meows and looks pathetic knows a juicy prawn I'll eventually give her On a street not too far from here a child hunting through a bin is cursed and chased away for hunger and begging are society's sin The cat sleeps on the porch as the child in tears runs by The earth revolves once more as the sun sets in the sky --- Dichotomy 2 In the east a child hits a cat on the head and guts and skins and fillets In the west the idea of eating our friends would cause epicurean melees --- 20th August 2006
  9. His Dark Materials: Book 1 - Northern Lights/The Golden Compass Book 2 - The Subtle Knife Book 3 - The Amber Spyglass If you haven't read them then do. For what it's worth I thought they were brilliant. Then I'm a sucker for fantasy :) I loved Lord of the Rings and though I've never actually got through all the books - the poetry sent me into a coma - the films were wonderful. New Line who produced 'LOTR' has just green lighted the movie for the first book 'The Golden Compass' (in the UK the title was 'Northern Lights'). http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5263658.stm about Phillip Pullman http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/hisdarkma...backstage.shtml
  10. Camy


    Wonderful imagery.
  11. I'm black on white I'm white on black I'm never to be found I'm tempted green and tempered red but never ever aloud I'm straight as straight or bent as bent but who will know the truth I'm kind as kind or a sarky git though bred to be aloof I'm grey as grey I'm black as black if you ever find me down I'm the orange one, the purple one, when the inner blue allows I'm a gentle soul with a happy laugh who cries a lot inside, though when it comes to the final crunch I guess I'm glad to be alive.
  12. Colin, pay no attention to what I say. I'm English, and as such genetically repressed. I'd never describe myself as funny because it's the way I am. You asked for feedback, and it's all I could find ... and because I would have written it differently doesn't mean you have to change a thing - as should be obvious, I really like what I've read. As James Savik says 'when a player is hot, the best coaching is to give them the ball and get out of the way.' Camy 8)
  13. Ok I'd guess English, French, Italian, German, Spanish... and then I'm lost. Oh - and American and Canadian :p
  14. Forget the crit, just post the rest. please! I love the premise, it's well written, captivating, and honestly if you want a beta reader you have one ... or just post the rest :p Camy 8) ok a wee crit. would a character describe themselves as funny? That's what their friends are for. My editor says 'show don't tell' - don't know if she's right but hey, she's an editor. Also I'd add a 'too' to the end of 'Teachers liked me, and even though I was one of the ?smart? kids, other kids seemed to like me.' It's really good Colin!
  15. Camy

    My Muse

    My Muse by Camy My muse is not a whore My muse just loves to tease Whenever I'm in a rut I have to beg him on my knees This actually hurts a lot As he lives on a pebbly beach Between the high and low tide marks His favourite food is peach Which might explain this poem As peaches don't grow here And, he says, when he's away I write like a startled deer --- 11th August 2006 ---
  16. I am absolutely gobsmacked that you wrote a novel by the time you were twelve... I'd just learnt how to tie my shoelaces. Kudos in large heaps. Camy 8)
  17. Heh. not a problem. So I'm a few braincells light, but I've got a couple left... hopefully! Camy
  18. absolutely right :) Colloquialisms are a bugbear. ----- Thanks! I really, really appreciate the feedback. :D
  19. WTH = What the hell so he's asking you what a napper is. Thanks. But what I meant was I don't understand the statement. The word 'napper' doesn't appear in the story... Unless it's just a general question 'out of the blue' in which case it's slang for a head - the one your ears are attached to, not a toilet on a boat. Or a person that brings up the nap on cloth. or someone asleep, having a nap. Phew.
  20. Thanks a lot! :D Lots more to come. I don't understand this: Camy
  21. Camy

    For Mick

    For Mick by Camy - 8th August 2006 Hindsight, sweet hindsight: that wasted time when days stretched to months and months to years: without you. Subtle unsure glances - I knew I loved you but could never say: reciprocation a dream hidden like me. Until now. --- I never know if it's right to punctuate 'poems'. Yesterday this had caps at the beginning of each line and no punctuation ... but it felt wrong.
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