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  1. Sure, not everyone uses condoms: if they're in a solid relationship and have been tested (HIV/Aids is still very much with us). In your story that isn't the case. You have Jeff, an older man (presumably in a relationship with Jacob) taking the virginity of Mathew, a younger man, while Jacob is away. It's a somewhat dubious set of circumstances. I could accept Mathew being very naive, but in this day and age (social media, etc) not knowing about STD transmission and prophylactics is a stretch. Jeff has no excuse. Oh, really? 🤔
  2. I've heard Jason makes a very good Plumb Duff. Perfect with custard... or cream.
  3. Pretty much what Cole said, with a couple of comments: I found the voices too similar. In places your prose verges on purple and, for me, is overly complex. No preparation, no lube, and no condoms? Yowch! extascy is ecstasy. 😉 Also - and this is just a personal bugbear: why it that people always seem to find themselves in gorgeous apartments? Why are there no more seedy garret room romances - where the place smells mouldy, the milk is well off and sour, and the only alcohol is a drib at the bottom of a bottle?
  4. If you don't write lots more flash like this, Jason, then I'm not coming back here again. Terrific!
  5. This is worth a read: https://thejohnfox.com/2021/02/3rd-person-limited-vs-3rd-person-omniscient-how-to-choose-between-them/ There's a good part on 'Head Hopping.' - not the same as alternating 1st person.
  6. I'm just a bird whose intentions are good ? Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.
  7. If the protagonist was bisexual, would the title then become 'The Bicycle'? because that has a very different connotation. I'm starting to hum 'Raindrops keep falling on my head.'
  8. Not my genre of choice, but as it's free - who doesn't like free? - I'll give it a go. Ta!
  9. Peck, if you don't mind.
  10. HIYA! If I were a vampire I'd be totally stoked because... FRESH BLOOD! A willkommen, a bienvenue, and a jolly well welcome to you both!
  11. I'd like to congratulate all ten Cole Parkers for a wonderfully uplifting story. Thank you. đŸ˜ē
  12. I am somewhat miffed that Cole knows more about soccer than I do. How can this be? 🤔
  13. Coming soon to a screen near you. Please note: If you haven't read Halloween 2020 then this will make not a jot of sense. Trigger warnings: Football, Demons, Inappropriate age difference (some 6000 years, give or take), Cat.
  14. Ha! It's finished - or, in old English, fin-i-shed (utilise your best Chaucerian accent). This is peachy, as I can now read from start to finish and not get miffed at cliffhangers. 'tis going to be a good week!
  15. The theory that I have (that - ahem - is mine and mine alone) is that The Shimmer is really a portal to Gilead.
  16. Camy

    EURO 2020 Final

    That's the joy of Jonathan Pie! He shoots from the hip, doesn't particularly mind his Ps & Qs, and tells it like it is. Maybe you have to be English? Although he did do some good pieces on your last President.
  17. Camy

    EURO 2020 Final

    Here's Jonathan Pie's comment on the event:
  18. Me too. Sadly, not a sign of The Shimmer locally.
  19. A terrific short which left me with some unanswered questions that I hope will be answered in a sequel (or two). Read it!
  20. Camy

    EURO 2020 Final

    I think it was swings and roundabouts. Both sides had their moments. It was just a shame it ended with penalties. And a bloody travesty that there was much vitriol thrown at the players, post match. And frankly unbelievable that in the middle of a pandemic 60,000, mostly maskless, people were permitted in the stadium. And now, today, in the UK, this:
  21. Camy

    EURO 2020 Final

    So, so sad to have to end with penalties. ☚ī¸
  22. ***News Flash*** England are just about (in less than an hour) to face Italy in the final of the Euros! 60,000 (mostly maskless) fans will be packed into Wembley Stadium to watch. Hurrah! says the covid contingent (who haven't paid for tickets as they're too small to see). Such excitement! The cat is almost beside herself! Punting an inflated pig's bladder around a field is parlous? You betcha!
  23. Camy

    At First

    Entropy is a bitch.
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