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  1. It’s official...whiskey makes you cook burgers at 1am.  

    1. William King

      William King

      I think it's the drinking of the whiskey, not the whiskey itself, which has always seemed rather bottled up to me, and incapable of logical thought or action... ?

    2. Camy


      You don't need whiskey to cook burgers at 1am, merely a growling stomach.

      True, whiskey might be incapable of logical thought or action, but it's a master at causing appalling hangovers...

  2. Hello Camy, just wanted to say Hi!

  3. It's weird actually liking the guy you are sleeping with...I wonder if all the gay boys know this is possible

  4. Vacation is finally over and it's back to work. But on the bright side, new blog entry

  5. If you say so, I guess it's true. More blogs, pls. >.

  6. Your life is so interesting >.

  7. Hmm, not so good with those keys, but it's more like race with a z-like sound. And while we are on names Jason Rimbaud, how would you pronounce yours?

  8. >.

    Of course! My lips are frozen stiff and Maddy likes nuts.




  9. Of course. I love nuts! *copiesyou**


  10. *Waves back*

    Hi Jason! :D

  11. D:

    eating a flying spaghetti monster is blasphemy! LOL

  12. Gee Jason, I didn't even realise we could leave these comments. How dumb am I?

    This is so cool.

  13. Think before we speak? I think not. Life is entirely too much fun if we don't. All we need to do is accept that we are human, and laugh at ourselves with the rest of them.

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