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  1. Thanks, guys, for deleting my stuff for me. Although it appeared to still be there. As they say, give a hungry guy a fish, he'll have dinner; teach him to fish, he'll never be hungry again. Or better expressed words to that effect. It would be more useful if someone would tell me how to delete something entirely. I tend to hit the Post New Comment button and see nothing happen, so think I didn't hit it correctly and hit it again, and eventaully two messages show up. It's probably easy to get rid of one--hell, you guys all seem to know how to do it!--but I haven't figured it out yet.And I'm pretty sure we shouldn't be interrupting EC's blog for this!!!!C
    Deleting other peoples posts are a moderator function. Since I'm a moderator, I see different options to you so I don't know if you are allowed to delete your own posts, but it sounds like you're not.As for interrupting EC's blog with irrelevancies? I can't think of a more appropriate place to do it.... :icon1:
  2. That was just me screwing up again, Trab. My message got posted twice, I tried to remove one of them and couldn't, so did what you see.Computers and I don't mix.C
    Since you clearly didn't it want it there (though I found it very profound and intriguing), I deleted it for you. :icon1: Good luck EC with all of the tests. I hope you pass with flying colours (or colors, even).
  3. Hmm. :unsure::ohmy::inquisitive: One of those Raccoons. :whistle: Each to their own. :pinch: Pointless to tell you quite where to put your pliers as you'd obviously enjoy it! :spank: Actually *preens* my feathers are at their best during June - mating season don't you know. :wub: :wub: :wub: hopefully...
    Mating season? In Winter?Oh... you're one of those emus. :whistle:
  4. Life ends up being a case of setting yourself a goal (or goals) and then working your way towards it (them). Once you get there, you set yourself another goal (or goals).You've given yourself a goal with the last paragraph. You want to know what you're supposed to be doing with your life? There's your answer -- working out how to achieve that goal. Once your achieve that, I'm sure you'll find another goal to aim for.Good luck!Graeme :)

  5. Oh, and for the record, Graeme is my real first name. I had a friend try to identify my through Goggle (and he knew my last name, too), but couldn't. I CAN be tracked down, but I trust the people who have that extra information required to do that tracking. They have no incentive to go to that effort and if they did, I believe it would be for the right reasons.

  6. One of my best friends is someone who I only know online. We have gotten to know each other quite well, and I definitely trust him. However, there are things we have agreed aren't important. I don't know his last name and he doesn't know exactly where I live (my last name is common enough that I didn't mind him knowing them).If we really had to, both of us have enough information that we could track each other down, but we haven't and I don't see that we will.He is also one of two people to whom I've shown photos of myself and my family (after getting permission from my wife).Trust is not betrayed by hiding behind a pseudonym. Trust is betrayed when you use something against the person who trusted you. I believe I can trust my friend with my home address, but I don't see a need to give it to him, and he doesn't see a need to ask for it. Neither of us see it as a lack of trust in not sharing that (essentially) non-important information.

  7. I hope you retain that freshness you're showing, because having male teachers in primary school really is important. I'm lucky -- the school where my boys go have an almost 50-50 split between male and female primary school teachers.It is also those individual differences and talents that school programs don't immediately recognise. A mark at the end of the school says how well they can add up numbers, spell and write, but don't say anything about artistry, imagination, social skills or complex thought.Good luck for the future!

  8. Ha! I did that on my birthday three years ago. Gave a lot of people, a hell of a shock. The neat thing, is that it helps your hair growth. You'll find it comes back thicker, and faster, than before.
    That may work for you, but it doesn't for me :inquisitive: There's nothing wrong with the bald look. I've been telling myself that for over 15 years now.... :icon13:
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