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  1. The Sin & The Sorrow Life is the sin and the sorrow, The temptation and the taste; Gazing afar to yon tomorrow While today wings by in waste. Born bright is he the Risen Born clean are those who Fall; Life’s beating hearts imprison Each – yet none at all. The grief of Life, it makes us Kin So why does it not make us Kind? At War are brothers ‘neath the skin, Living eyes must be born blind. To Live is to be fearful To Love to be brave; Must all our days be tearful, Weeping down un
  2. That's me, The Articulate Particulate. Many thanks, again...been gone awhile, I was. My current avocations are: continuing to breathe, writing, worshiping my cats (yes, this does involve votive candles and the occasional slaughter of minuscule mammals) and adoring my tiny service-dog-slash-songstress, Oona O'Neill Chaplin. TR
  3. Thanks muchly! And that's cool, I had to look up 'John Cooper Clarke'. He invented the steam engine, right? TR
  4. dogs and declination dog my steps by inclination I, in side-stepping, stumble, finally forced to rumble like a Jet, I pirouette take on a surly sobriquet; I'll turn around and bark them down just as soon as I attain renown I know that fear of fear itself is something one must fight oneself, but even so, my stumbled stride leaves me humbled, heaped, howling inside; night terrors jumble, mumble and amplify the things these uncouth truths imply ? that the old stone with sword inside is something I should leave untried for this dogged inclination to mere canine creation is a bark
  5. Surely gods look down and see the whole: we're born to cry while growing old up on the mount, they see the truth beauty aching for lost youth the stoic men who wish for strength runners pushing, can't make the length weeping women who cut their hair wise men doubting gods are there and all the time the thumping sound these beats of breath above the ground old gods looking from on high ignoring prayers that ask them why the clink of drinks and chatter numb or are they stricken deaf and dumb why did they make this world below - Or can it be that they don't know?
  6. You're quite welcome, BF, my warped view of the world isn't always so appreciated - like that funny relative who farts at table. Truth is, 'truth' seems pretty mallable and the world a tad tiresome if you stay too sober in your perceptions. Me, I like a little color; adds spice to a weird and weary world. But as I said, some hereabouts are quick to take umbrage or dismiss humor as inconsequential, with others loathe to take off the emerald glasses. You'd be amazed. If satire can take Al Franken to the US Senate, though, maybe there's hope yet for its virtues. I've found humor can be a fab
  7. New UK Government, First thoughts: Cameron Diaz will make a fine PM; she and Clegg will have great fun sharing clothes and makeup tips while making up stuff for the press. Second thoughts I'll leave to the voters. TR
  8. Understanding Anemia There is a kind of freedom in frailty, in bodily poverty, endgame & emptiness; when all that you loved is far away, gone; all that you live for - removed, distant: timeless as an old photograph or gravestone epitaph For who or what can disappoint you, hurt you, maim your marred soul when all of your thoughts turn inward and all your ideas become either specific as sputum, bacteria, germs or airy as philosophical terms Few things concentrate the mind like
  9. Kissey-face right backatcha, Des. The urge to pun is a terrible vice. If punning were fatal, we'd both be six feet under...but in most excellent company. TR
  10. No question that this is true...and a truth about as popular as Bloody Mary at a teaparty. Homophobia is predicated in misogyny, both of which are perpetrated & encouraged by men in public power overconcerned with their private manly powers. The worst sin is not to be a Real Man...a belief that killed, among others, Ernest Hemmingway and Joan of Arc. TR
  11. I don't think that's really in Mein Kampf, one of those hoax quotes, but I agree with the sentiment expressed by the hoaxer and poster above. So, check out the Aussie Pirate Party - while you still can - and their weapon against this legislation and what they call The Great Australian Firewall: http://www.computerworld.com.au/slideshow/...alian_firewall/ TR
  12. If Aussies were filtered from the Net, who would we have left to laugh at...except maybe the Welsh. Seriously, as both a parent and a teacher (in a former life), I'm against any government attempts at this kind of thing. In government, less is more. The stated goal of child protection is all too frequently used for political adventage without any real understanding of or concern for children - only for votes or monetary gain. "Moral busybodies are taking the perfectly good word 'family' and using it as a code for censorship the same way 'states' rights' was* used to disguise racism in t
  13. It isn't broadcast enough outside the gay community. This is old, old news. The essence of the issue (refusing to pun here) may lie elsewhere. The vetting of blood donors shouldn't be about behaviors, it should be about obtaining blood if the person is not underweight, ill or whatever. Meaning, right then and there. Either way, for those things you can't determine right there (weight is determined with a scale, on the spot - a scientific observable reality), there are HIV tests and screens...performed AFTER the blood is collected and on all blood collected and stored these days. That was
  14. FOR AWESOMEDUDE.COM In Neverland, where men grow small While memories grow great and tall; The old ones gather by the fires And chew the bones of dead desires White hairs turn in faerie glow To colors that they used to know; While tired limbs rustle, remembering Night winds whip trees, dismembering One voice starts, stops ? another begins Until Tales have painted all with grins They sparkle eyes and brighten smiles: Grouped close there on the Never Isles Happy, huddle
  15. Old sore topic but one that merits periodic revisiting. Absolute madness, those questions, but I've stopped trying to change NIH's mind on the subject. Junk Science at its best. I used to donate regularly once I became old enough but stopped, with a few exceptions like that above, when lies became part of the process. At this point, my own blood donation is moot thanks to health issues, but my valuable blood type was taken off the market for no good reason. The exceptions were times when schools I taught at had blood drives and, to provide a good example for my students(!), I lied and dona
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