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    ever east of some Eden
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    reading, writing, my Cats, my Oona, my friends, debate, film, history, health and always my Cats: H&H a.k.a. Heidi & HRH Harry

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About Me

J.M. Vasques has written online - as 'Tragic Rabbit'* - accumulating a cult following of nearly a dozen avid fans and one court-certified stalker. He lives in the badlands of California and tries - with limited success - to avoid the more poisonous denizens of the desert.

He's currently working on a Depression-era romance (his grandparents' love story), THE BULLY (non-fiction), a 1950s 'train mystery' and setting up paints for a series of children's books.

Vasques is a former high school teacher and single parent who is now a writer, satirist and, along with tiny service dog Oona Chaplin, a certified support facilitator for Lupus Foundation of America, serving others with SLE - systemic lupus erythematosus.

"A Bully is someone who tries to have your cake and beat it, too."

*'Tragic Rabbit' is a poem from Stan Rice's SOME LAMB.

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