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  1. FOR AWESOMEDUDE.COM In Neverland, where men grow small While memories grow great and tall; The old ones gather by the fires And chew the bones of dead desires White hairs turn in faerie glow To colors that they used to know; While tired limbs rustle, remembering Night winds whip trees, dismembering One voice starts, stops ? another begins Until Tales have painted all with grins They sparkle eyes and brighten smiles: Grouped close there on the Never Isles Happy, huddle
  2. #coughs politely#

    Umm, where have you been?

    I hope you're okay 'n' all.


  3. And you promised not to tell. Chivalry is dead... TR
  4. I'm on Dude's knee, but am not der Dude. He was 'turned' while watching something by Sophocles, I think...must have been that all-male Greek chorus thing... BTW, I'm now FedExing that bitey brown recluse spider to you, dearie. Return address anomalous. Enjoy. TR
  5. I probably 'turned gay' the first time my parents took me to a musical theatre production. (No, not CATS ) Actually, I've always (as in being aware as a preschooler that I felt attraction and romantic love for members of both sexes) been bisexual, though I now use words like 'queer' or 'pansexual' when not just saying, 'yeah, I'm gay'. After meeting me, not too many people seem to wonder and/or ask, though... Wasn't Hillary killer last night? A real statesman. TR
  6. Have you tried a top-to-bottom massive dust mite cleaning and coating with warding products and then protecting all fabric furniture, drapes and carpets against dust mites with dust-mite proof covers and other protectants? Just a thought, apparently they do create an unlivable environment for some/many people. Love, TR
  7. While I am often the one summoned to dispose of 'nasties' (spiders, wasps, bees, hornets and uninvited, belligerent exes or salesmen), in the case of all but the exes, my method is simply to pick them up and deposit them outside where they can recuperate from all the brouhaha and go about their way. Stinging insects do not bite me, except for mosquitoes and some types of biting 'fly', so I'm willing to do this. What I tell people who actually and purposely kill spiders is... I HATE YOU...no, just kidding, but do you know that (a) 99.9999% of all spiders you will ever SEE are not only harmle
  8. Thanks for the worry but I was delirious with fever and didn't even notice the quake. 5.8 wasn't it? Over the weekend, I was bitten by one of only four North American spiders that can cause harm to a human (and only 60 of the resident thousand varieties that can even bite a human for you paranoid arachnophobes) and have just this morning recovered from the first-stage (intense fevered delirium)...to find my left left swollen, red and utterly useless. Attempts to use it generate screams of agony and I assure you, I have a high pain threshold. These entertaining aspects of the spider bit
  9. I wholeheartedly agree and wish there were no penalties for those choices. TR
  10. Gay Teen Arrested for Filing False Hate Crime Report By 365gay Newscenter Staff 07.24.2008 5:19pm EDT (Anderson County, S.C.) An 18-year-old, who had told police he was beaten by his father after attending a gay pride parade, was charged Thursday with filing a false police report. Dwight Clark Ables told police last week that his father yelled, swung the bat and tried to "cast the demon of homosexuality out of him." He claimed his 49-year-old father prayed as he swung the bat and then threw him out of the house. He also said that several days later, when the teen returned home to pick u
  11. Just adding in one of my favored orgs (Media Matters, though as Trab suggests, my ebox is full of orgs protesting this stance) for positive change and their info, links and directions on how and where to complain about Michael Savage's remarks: July 23, 2008 Dear Friend, Since our last email, the pressure on Michael Savage has intensified as media coverage has grown, along with protests by concerned parents of autistic children, statements from members of Congress, and calls from concerned citizens to stations around the country that carry his radio show, The Savage Nation. As a resul
  12. More to help your nightmares along... Surgeon Ordered to Pay $795G for Cutting Off Man's Penis
  13. And just think, James, the CSA could have won if they'd allied themselves with the British. BTW, it's not rude to 'celebrate' American Independence Day on a website chock-full of Brits? Oughtn't we offer them condolences or something...? TR
  14. No, it's just a glitch. That and other stories that came in on the 365 Tuesday Update today all wrongly list the year, but they came through today....well, now it was yesterday. It's listed correctly on the front page and so are the other Update stories throughout the site. TR
  15. The Dude gave it a good hard...kick. Truth to tell, that's pretty much the only solution we have around here, so thank god it's so successful. The Cure is an English rock band that formed in Crawley, Sussex in 1976. TR
  16. I think we can start redirecting this sort of thing to the Story Editor with a CC to The Dude starting mid-month or so. Always remember to CC both TR & Dude on any story, site or author issue. Thanks, TR
  17. [Note: the following article must be read while listening to either 'I Will Always Love You'sung by Whitney Houston or 'You Light Up My Life' by Debby Boone.] Spurned Man Castrates Gay Lover by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff Posted: July 1, 2007 - 5:00 pm ET (Manila) A man who discovered his boyfriend had an affair with a woman is accused of castrating his lover in a jealous rage. Jose Feliciano Valderama, 35, is charged with attempted murder. Police allege that Valderama and Marvic Manquera, 21, sought a room at a Quezon City hotel after a night of heavy drinking. While they were havi
  18. Well, the login and out (and in and out) for the Forums had been bugging me since yesterday, and I see that the issues, for me, are the same as Trab and WBMS report. Just a tad annoying but thought I'd chime in, too. TR
  19. The CDC and Harvard Law have done numerous studies on the subject. The consensus is that, yes, a person can 'turn gay', but the process is complex and highly unlikely to occur accidentally. For one thing, it involves watching Sound of Music 27 times in a row while drinking fruity wine coolers and wearing tight pants. TR
  20. Five years ago today, we made history ? and the world is literally a different place for LGBT people. Six justices said yes, the constitutional guarantee of liberty applies to all of us. On June 26, 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled all remaining state sodomy laws unconstitutional in Lambda Legal's groundbreaking Lawrence v. Texas case. Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a ringing declaration of dignity and equality for gay and lesbian people: "The state cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime." This year La
  21. Bart, I actually considered naming you and pulling you into the discussion as I wrote that but chose not to, seemed tacky. Sorry if the terms are wrong, they were what I was taught when, as an undergraduate, I volunteered for years at the university's Behavioral Studies Center that treated locals on a sliding scale. Lower echelon positions were filled by student volunteers. The Center was highly geared toward the Skinner approach and that was why I ultimately stopped volunteering but that is also where I came to know a number of autistic children and adults, along with persons suffering fro
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