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  1. Is it not prudent in these times of strife to look for and accentuate possibilities for unity and healing rather than to continue to promote a divisive competition of relative "truths"? TRUTH IS A WHORE. Surely, truth is a whore in ambush; scenting the trail of the seeker with anticipation and illusion. Quite unashamedly, she splays her loins to reveal treasures of self-discovery to the passionate. Feasting ravenously upon the carnage of words and revelations, the believer plunders the bitch with lustful satisfaction. Ah, but how content he is to finally conquer truth. For now that she has been impregnated by judgment, he may possess ignorance more completely yet. - by Adam Donaldson Powell ... and WHILE WE WAIT ... Patiently - we endure, desperate to believe in God, justice and humanity. Repeatedly - we suffer from our own ignorance and immobility. Admirably - we martyr ourselves, tranquilizing pain with saintliness and esteem. Inevitably - we avenge, using the very tactics of our aggressors. Ultimately - we are shunned by all who thought we were extraordinary. Typically - we wait for the world to discover its misjudgment. Ironically - we learn nothing, and neither forgive nor forget. - by Adam Donaldson Powell
  2. well, i was here in oslo (norway) glued to cnn on the television and chatting with friends in the usa on the computer. i am an expat who gave up his american citizenship many years ago, so i could not vote - however i have followed the election process closely. i am proud to see the homeland i was born in stepping up to the plate and electing to consider change for the better. as a person with black american background i do not have words to express my excitement at seeing that america and americans have come so far ... and i commend all of us who have worked for this - from the emancipation of slaves to civil rights to affirmative action to a black american president. i hope that america's new leadership receives the support, cooperation and patience that it needs from all in the usa and abroad. the challenges ahead are many, but with a foundation of hope and unity anything can be achieved.
  3. Stay in queue no matter how long it might be.
  4. You beat me to the punch Des... YEAH AMERICA - GET OUT THERE and VOTE! But today's vote is just the beginning -- there is much much more to be done in order to make this planet a more livable place, and your engagement is essential ... together with that of the rest of us. The whole world is watching you today and in the near future, America. I too have my candidate preferences, but I ultimately believe in the human race and spirit - no matter how the election turns out.
  5. "Talk may be cheap, but a dead dog never gathered any moss ..." - Alfalfa (of the Little Rascals)
  6. Okay, I am hesitant to enter this fascinating discussion because I am writing under my actual name here. Those who have read "Entre Nous" have an idea of some of my perspectives on this question. What I find bizarre with this discussion is the beating around the bush. For me the real question is that of the definition of predator - who is the "real" predator and who is being played to "play out" a role - for whatever purpose? This is a popular theme these days in international literature and art photography, and further exploration is needed. I am amused by the comments regarding the "tortured" writer ... and paedophilia. Is that the extent of this "literary piece" (granted, W. pushes the conventional "story" structure - which I encourage)? Not for me, at least. I see the question of predator becoming victim and victim becoming predator in a co-dependency relationship as the primary theme. I applaud W. for having the creative courage to present this on this website, and Dude for permitting it. You could safely drop the disclaimer W. No one will mistake you for Nabokov here.
  7. do you prefer playing "monopoly" or "risk"?
  8. A repeated request: while you guys are working on the "blogs" page, could you please make a button link back to "forums"? I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. ... or does this possibly qualify as " Reductio ad absurdum " light?
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