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    Well, I like lots of things. Vlista is an amazing author, the best one out there! vlista.gayauthors.org
  1. My best friend loves ska... Ska= life, or so she says. I like some... Sounds like you had a blast. Kurt
  2. Kurt


    A very good movie with a gay plot is Beautiful Thing. I really really enjoyed that movie.
  3. Thank you everyone for being very honest, tha is what I wanted! If i would have just wrote it, and left in the word document, it would have been left at just that. I guess i am just saying that I needed other people to see it, so I would not have just stopped. So, thank you. Kurt
  4. Hey guys, i wanted to see what you all thought of this. An idea to write this just popped into my head about 30 minutes ago, and this is what I wrote. I know it is short, but... I plan on, if I do decide to continue with this to keep writing it as Diary Entries. I am not sure about this though, it may be to... common of a theme or whatever. What do you think? Please be 100% honest, even if you think it will hurt my feelings. Thanks a bunch! Kurt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sucked
  5. I am still using my free Norton from when I got my laptop. I like norton, but it expires in 27 days, and it costs $59.99 for a year of it. I will pay it if I find nothing else, but it is expensive. What do other people use, what is the best? Kurt :D
  6. Kurt

    My first AD blog

    Well, I decided to make my own blog here. I really like it here so far, and the people here seem great! Thank you everyone, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! Kurt :D P.S. I will hopefull have a nice blog with all kinds of cool facts about me. :p
  7. Kurt

    I-pod's + PDA's

    The plug in thing is on the bottom, I am not sure if it would malfunction like the PDA, however, I could be wrong. Kurt
  8. Kurt

    I-pod's + PDA's

    Well, with my iPod, if I turn the background light off, and there is enough room, I can read from it for about 4-6 hours without charging. However, if you are near a plug in, you can have the iPod plugged in and still be reading. Otherwise, if you have the background light on while reading it will last about 2-2.5 hours. You can also change theintensity of the background light, and that will also make the battery life be longer. All of this is for a 30 gig Video iPod, things may be slightly different with other iPods. Kurt
  9. Thank you for your reply Graeme. I think that I am not a good editor because I know that I miss things while editing, and the only things that I am really able to do are spelling and grammar, but, I am not very good at doing that. Maybe it is just me being paranoid about my 'work.' I dunno. Kurt
  10. Wow... that was really very funny! Thanks! Kurt :D
  11. Well, I like to be able to read online stories whne I am not on the computer. Instead of printing them off, I put them on my iPod. there is a free program called iPodLibrary that lets me do that, and I think it is great, and just wanted to share it with you all. Here it is, hopefully some others can find it useful! iPodLibrary Kurt :D
  12. Okay, i am an editor of a online story called It Feels Like Monday. I enjoy editing it, and I really like the author, he is a great guy. However, I think that I do a bad job at editing. I have talked to the Author about it some, but he told that I am doing fine. I am not really sure what I should do..? Kurt
  13. Hmm... well my avatar is actually a picture that someone made for me at a different site. He made a bunch of different ones for a bunch of people. I really like mine! :D Kurt
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLOIN! I hope that it went amazingly well! Kurt :D
  15. Unbreakable Faith, IMO, is definitely a must read. The story is very intriguing! Here is a link to the story: Unbreakable Faith. Kurt :D P.S. Please be sure to read the warnings first! Also, don't forget to check out Vlista's other stories as well!
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