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  1. I think he was better when ranting!
  2. Nothing in the story says the father knew about the Shimmer. Just that the woods were dangerous.
  3. I don't know Mr. Pie, but he seems a bit overly emotional to me. C
  4. Some people don't seem to appreciate the wonder and romance in a story! C
  5. I thought Italy controlled the ball on offense better, but England's defensive play, especially early on, was wonderful.
  6. Alan Dwight's latest, Another World, is simply wonderful. Don't miss this. I won't say any more. Read it! https://awesomedude.com/alan_dwight/another-world/another-world.htm
  7. I see the coach blames himself for the disaster that was the penalty kick phase. I myself blame the players. The opportunity was right there! C
  8. I watched the game. Great, until the last few minutes. C
  9. Questions, questions, questions. The answer? Patience, patience, patience. C
  10. I'm waiting to start this. His exemplary writing always pulls me in and I end up like James, impatient and wanting more NOW. But I'll start soon. Eight chapters should make a good beginning. C
  11. Happy Birthday, Jason! C
  12. All Camy's writing is lyrical and memorable. Wish there was more of it. C
  13. Probably not a good idea. You might well overwhelm the Angst-O-Meter. C
  14. In the UK, a someone will get a drugs test. In the US, that someone will get drug tests.
  15. I'm through chapter 10 and heartily agree. Wonderful writing, absorbing story. C
  16. It's difficult to be a teenager. Only the super-confident seem to withstand the age without lasting, sour memories. And I always wondered about those. C
  17. Gee, it's great to see you hear again, Gee. Never though I'd use Gee twice in a sentence. Wish you'd write more. You're one of my favorite writers here. Such inventive stuff! Thanks for the good words. This one is just getting started. C
  18. David. Read the description! Or perhaps that comes in another chapter. Can't remember! C
  19. Few things could make my Saturday morning happier than news of an upcoming new story by Douglas. Fantastic news! 👍
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