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  1. R's totally right. I also believe that twin beds were named that because they were usually bought in twos and intended for the purpose R suggested, but also for a single child. I forget what the first TV show was that showed a married couple in a double or queen bed. But I'll bet it wasn't till the '70s, or maybe even '80s. We're such a stuffy country when it comes to anything dealing with sex. C
  2. Yeah, sorry, me again. But I'm hoping you like this one. It's a romance. And accidental one, actually. C
  3. Why are they all smiling? Someone must have farted. Loudly. C
  4. I like it! What are they, 11 or 12? C
  5. Here's a vagary for you. How do you spell 'ambience'? Can you spell it 'ambiance'? As a matter of fact, you can. Both spellings are acceptable. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any other words like that. C
  6. While I love all of Bruin's writing, I like this one especially. http://awesomedude.com/bruinfisher/a_flower_in_france.htm
  7. I think that's one of the challenges we writers face with every story: developing the voice of the protagonist and then keeping it consistent. This is especially true when writing in first person. But if that is done correctly, it really helps the reader identify with the character and to care about him.
  8. You're right. Some great stories there. I haven't read them all yet, but the ones I have read are wonderful. Thanks. C
  9. Here are some horny ones: On the horns of a dilemma On the horn Take the bull by the horns And less horny: On the carpet
  10. I love John Cleese. Wanda was riotous, but not as funny and Fawlty. What a glorious show that was. I've read that he didn't get along with other Pythons, but also have read that he did. C
  11. So, James, do you have any suggestions about what we should be doing to counteract this horrible trend of mass shootings for no apparent reason? I think reducing guns in our society would be a place to start, but I know it's no panacea. What do you suggest? C
  12. To me, it's very clear. Personal gun ownership isn't a right. You have to be in a militia. Be nice if they'd have defined that term. Maybe 'militia' wasn't as loose in meaning back then as it is today. C
  13. I captioned it, but you're welcome to add your own. That kid has great hair! So many boys have such thick locks. I think that's why the messy style works so well. If he's that cute with a mask on, imagine what he looks like without one. He belongs at the head of the line. C
  14. This is the address I have for him, but it's been over a year since I've head from him and he's older than I am, making him Methuslah-like. I'd guess this is the same address you have. He is a good editor. acam@blueyonder.co.uk
  15. Wonderful, James. As someone with a musical background, I always look for the rhythms in stanzas, and you did a marvelous job here. The thoughts expressed were perfect, too. C
  16. Make up your mind, Talo. You say this: "It's valid to give a different review, it's valid to make an observation about a review and by demonstration make a different point, but silly remarks about a reviewer and an opinion expressed and explained are out of order." and then follow with: "Previous comments about it being a "supper story," "wonderful... great ending," are pretty much rubbish." So saying someone liked a story, found it super, was rubbish. Saying it "was very simplistic, totally unbelievable, and read like it was penned in five minutes" was acceptable. I guess you feel it's okay to trash the writer but not the reviewer? I guess all the reviewers who liked the story were wrong and shouldn't have posted that support? We're all amateurs here, writing because we enjoy it. You're trashing a writer who gave most of us pleasure with a story you call simplistic and unbelievable. With this, you're doing what you accused us of, denigrating the ones of us who stated we liked the story. How is that not, to use your words, unacceptable? C
  17. I don't think I ever read anything of his I didn't love. He left us far too soon. C
  18. Seems to me Mr. R runs hot and cold. This was a chilly day. C
  19. Hidden talents, that's our bear. C
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