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    3d Mapping & Modeling<br />Computer Graphics<br />Traditional Art<br />Programming<br />PC Games<br />Biology<br />Books<br />Flying Spaghetti Monsters!
  1. Hello, I hope you been well :)

  2. Hylas

    Bloody typical!

    I'm not really that worried about swine flu. It has already entered the Philippines but the affected people were quarantined quickly enough.Remember, we've already been through the Avian Virus scare which resulted in the massive shortage of filter masks and everyone wearing them like crazed ninjas.
  3. Hylas


    Ancient Greeks practiced it, we now call it pederasty and yes it has no relationship whatsoever with pedophilia. And while in some cases it was abusive and shallow, it was more often a case of an older male mentoring a younger hellion. Underlined by the fact that there is an age limit where the relationship must end and the younger guy must take his place in society (and marry). Anyway, even I find myself attracted to older men at times. I have several crushes with some men in their forties that I know off-site, hehe. Their grasp on the machinations of this little ball of existence is much mor
  4. Hylas

    Stupid I am.

    dweeb you is, camy. :) But you get a hug anyway. ^_^
  5. Tsk. Caucasians + Tropics - Air conditioners = Misery ROFLI can't stand air conditioners! They smell bad, and if the temperature drops a few degrees Celsius from room temperature anyway, I'm already wearing a jacket. For once, I'm glad to be a naturally hot creature. Take that in whatever way you wish. /me strikes hot pose and bats sexy eyelashes(P.S. Then again, I'd probably freeze to death if I venture a few latitudes north or south... sigh... that means I can't get to them hot European guys... *sob*)
  6. OMG Big evil smiley face!
  7. Hylas


    Want...I want a handsome boyfriend...I want to be beautiful...I want a million dollars...I want kids...I want to be out...I want to be accepted for who I am...I want world peace...I want that jar of Nuttella...*sighs*
  8. No, not martian! It's from Wicked! Surely you have heard of it, or seen a clip on youtube? *dies*

    Maddy (:

  9. Who's greener now, ho? *betchslap*

    Maddy (:

  10. Windmill Jousting, who wouldn't love Don Quixote? :PCamy, brits are crazy. I meant trousers of course, though underwear might also come in handy...
  11. lol Yup. All that orthodontist work 8D REALLY paid off XD.

    Maddy (:

  12. Hm... Don Quixote? :DSo... we lost. D:Oh Des... be gentle with me, I'm a vurjeen. *sniff* and I don't snore... (plans to sneak off later in the night with Des' worldly possessions and everyone else's pants)
  13. You are happy! In a world sometimes too complicated to undersatnd, that is enough.
  14. Hylas, did you kknow you have cool lips?

    *wink wink*


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