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  1. Hello Nick, read my pm sometime.

  2. Vitamin C is good, but in certain amounts. Studies show that a 500mg daily supplement (meaning ontop of normal diet) can help purge your body of bad crap. On the others end a 1000mg daily supplement was shown to be less beneficial than the 500mg dose as it not only cleans out the bad crap but the good crap as well! I know I'm not being technical, but I'm sure I could find the article if anyone wants to read it.Get better soon Jason!
  3. Des, how were the "assets" BTW?
  4. Sometimes we do the "right" thing because it makes us feel good. Other times we do it becuase we have to, even though we hate to. Me-thinks if you would have given in to your urges you would have been sated for the moment, but sober times would have just brought regret and disappointments in both yourself and with the fact that he will still go back to the girl and play it straight. You ever thought about having a heart-to-heart with him, put all your cards on the table, and be ready to (worse case) end it once and for all? I'm no dating counsilor and I've been out of the dating scene for abou
  5. You sound alot like me when I get to reading something good. I'll definitely have to check it out :)
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